At the end of April, the world’s largest industrial show opens its doors again at the Hannover exhibition centre. At the Hannover Messe Preview, numerous companies already gave 120 journalists first insight into the themes they will be introducing in Hannover. Also involved was the connection and automation technology specialist Weidmüller from Detmold, Germany.

Under the motto “from the sensor to the cloud” the company presented new solutions for direct communication between machines – including the communicative power supply PROtop, the remote access solution u-link as well as an innovative IoT controller. “Industry 4.0 does not necessarily mean procuring new production lines” explained technology expert Sebastian Stelzer at the Preview. “A lot of valuable information is often already available. Providing this to the IT systems is the fundamental requirement in exploiting the potentials of Industry 4.0.”

Alongside a press conference at the Hannover Messe, where the ambassador of this year’s host country Mexico, Rogelio Granguillhome Morfin took the microphone, the journalists also learned about products and solutions from the companies present. The main focus was on products and solutions for digitalisation. This opens up completely new possibilities and opportunities to companies in organising, monitoring and controlling manufacturing processes. At the same time, Industry 4.0 has completely new requirements that need to be answered. “The mechanical engineering industry has recognised that digitalisation solutions are playing an increasingly central role in a company’s success” emphasised Carsten Nagel, head of external communications at Weidmüller.

This impacts on the expansion of individual services as much as on the design of data-based business models or “predictive maintenance” systems. “The  basis for success are smart connections from the sensor to the cloud” with which Industry 4.0 can finally spring into action” remarked Stelzer. “With our communication-enabled products, we consequently shape the infrastructure of digitalisation so to speak.”

The solutions exhibited by Weidmüller therefore perfectly resonate with this year’s Hannover Messe motto “Integrated Industry – Connect & Collaborate”. “Our aim is to remove uncertainty from our customers and accompany them on their way to the Smart Factory. To complement the amalgamation of automation and digitalisation, the distinguishing aspect of our proposition is the combination of hardware, software, engineering and consultancy” clarified Nagel. “Interesting new solutions and applications to be revealed in April in Hannover.”