The power of SECO/WARWICK Group is the power of its innovation, measured by the distance between our company and its competitors.

It can also be measured by the number of patents and trademarks, completed projects, and the long list of references and customers around the world.

At SECO/WARWICK, patents are not just about statistics (there are more than 70 of them!). These inventions are well-thought-out and strongly customer-oriented solutions, thanks to which the company is gaining a significant advantage over its competition. SECO/WARWICK’s patented inventions and solutions in the fields of vacuum furnaces, vacuum carburizing technology, and aluminum annealing furnaces, for example, are successfully applied and realized in the daily work of customers worldwide.

Award-Winning Leader of Innovation

SECO/WARWICK has received several prestigious awards and distinctions recognized in the industry and in the world of business in appreciation of our extensive research and development activities (INNOVATION LEADER, MERIT FOR INVENTIVENESS), but also as a confirmation of our company’s financial transparency and special achievements for the economy (BUSINESS GAZELLES), diligence in providing services, and an impeccable reputation among customers and business partners (TRUSTWORTHY COMPANY). HSBC Bank placed SECO/WARWICK in the top group of companies developing their business in the international arena and awarded us the title of Hidden Champion, while the title of EXPORT BRAND is proof of recognition for the company’s developmental efforts in international markets.

The technology inventor

Our customers’ needs set a new path for the development of SECO/WARWICK and our products. Research and development projects, laboratories, and world-class scientific personnel are the people who work with our engineering staff to create solutions that will support our customers in the most effective manner. To us, innovation has many names.

4D Quench®

The 4D Quench® is the answer to the current needs of the most demanding industries in terms of quality and repeatability of quenching results as well as minimization and control of quenching deformations. It is designed for single-piece flow quenching in high-pressure gas, for all those who are looking for a better alternative to press-quenching.

Super IQ®

The Super IQ® is a hybrid system combining, in a single furnace, the best traits of a conventional furnace and a vacuum furnace. It is primarily designed for carburizing processes at elevated temperatures, and for hardening.

The industry demands a cleaner, faster, and, above all, more effective method of carburizing. In comparison with traditional methods, the Super IQ® offers advantages in terms of improved productivity. It operates in higher temperature ranges, which translates into shorter cycles and, in turn, into more efficient production.


Effective and efficient carburizing, excellent quality – at the reduced process and running costs. The ideal solution for manufacturers carburizing massive or longitudinal elements such as gearwheels, bearings, drilling tools, and other elements that require thick carburized layers. The applied LPC technology allows high homogeneity of process parameters, which influences the thickness of the carburized layer and the quality of the processed detail. Pit-LPC is characterized by a minimal consumption of process gases, no flammable or explosive atmosphere, and low heat emissions.


The patented High Convection Jet Heating System is designed for heating coils of the aluminum sheet during the dual processes of inter-operation annealing and final annealing. This energy-saving and efficient system is based on specially shaped nozzles that generate a spiral flow of the heating medium, in combination with a powerful fan and a unique system of baffles. Furnaces fitted with the Vortex® system make it possible to shorten the time necessary to heat up the material without the risk of overheating it. As a result, these furnaces are more productive than other solutions seen on the market.


This melting furnace uses a plasma arc that ensures a significant improvement in the properties of alloys and offers the possibility of developing and producing new complex alloys.

Melting takes place in a protective atmosphere (usually helium or argon), in a sealed chamber. The furnace hearth is free of elements that would contaminate the alloy (such as oxygen) and, thanks to its design, produces a ‘clean’ casting by eliminating inclusions of both high and low density. PAM spans a wide range of equipment – from small laboratory furnaces with a capacity of a few kilograms, all the way to multi-ton production furnaces.


This innovative vacuum casting furnace opens up a number of new possibilities in the field of single-crystal casting nickel and cobalt superalloys. The applied single-crystal casting technology allows us to build a unit fitted with a casting cooling system that uses a supersonic argon stream, and to offer the following features: possible operation in SC/DS/EQ modes, significantly increased speed of removing single-crystal castings, non-contact measurement of the temperature gradient in the crystallization front area with automatic mold removal speed control, low percentage of casting defects (both macro- and micro-structural), the possibility of double or triple shortening of the single-crystal casting process.

Vector 3D

The Vector 3D is a line of industrial-application furnaces designed specifically to support 3D printing processes for metal and alloy elements. Additive manufacturing is no longer just a scientific concept, but a real growth industry that poses new challenges in the field of heat treatment. Debinding systems, increased process purity, and ideal temperature distribution are just some of the key features of the dedicated Vector 3D product line offered by SECO/WARWICK.

SECO/WARWICK has no intention of resting on its laurels because INNOVATION has in DNA. We understand INNOVATION as activities that lead to creating new or improved products, processes, technologies, and organizations. Knowing that innovation is everywhere, we want it to be evident also in our thinking, approach, and creation, in every place in the world, every position, and every action.