Wickon Hightech has developed an optical inspection system that for the first time allows thick film processes in fuel cell production to be inspected in three dimensions in the wet state.


Wickon Hightech s.r.o. is a global company providing high-end automated optical inspection (AOI) solutions for industry. Roman Wieser founded Wickon Hightech in 2006 from a background in electronics production for well-known German companies. With Wickon Hightech, he has successfully built up a wide range of products and services for optimizing and manufacturing processes for electronic assemblies.

Roman Wieser, founder and CEO of Wickon Hightech, gives insights into the dynamic development of the automatic optical inspection (AOI) market and Wickon Hightech’s pioneering role in this industry.

Let me take you on a journey into the future of Wickon Hightech and the AOI (automated optical inspection) market, focusing on developments expected for 2024.

The experts at Market Research Future are forecasting global sales of USD 1.6 billion for the AOI market in 2024, corresponding to an annual growth rate of 24.3% since 2018. Wickon Hightech has also benefited from this development. Offering innovative technologies and customized solutions, we have become a key player in the electronics industry. 

In October Wickon Hightech launched the Quantum Scan, a sensor capable of achieving image capture at 4,480 pixels per second and a height resolution of 10 nm. 

Growing demand for highly accurate AOI systems

The dynamic expansion of the AOI market is due in particular to the increasing demand for the high-precision inspection systems that are used in a variety of electronics manufacturing sectors. Manufacturers need reliable solutions that optimize their production processes and ensure the quality of their products.

In 2023 Wickon Hightech products excelled in 3D wire bond inspection and inspection of bipolar plates and electrolyzers in fuel cell production. The Quantum Scan sensor, with impressive image capture of 4,480 pixels per second and 10-nm height resolution, is a particularly strong demonstration of our determination to elevate the production and quality control of electronic components to a new level. Our decision to supply inspection sensors independently also underlines our flexibility and our resolve to make innovations even more accessible to our customers.

Industry trends in the active markets 

In the semiconductor sector, we are focusing on inspection of micro-BGAs (ball grid arrays) with diameters of less than 30 µm. Here, our technology offers significant advantages over laser triangulation or the moiré effect. In fuel cell technology, we actively support automation manufacturers in setting up pilot lines or their subsequent developments. It is clear that the technology is moving from the development phase to production, an indication of increasing maturity and market acceptance.

Quantum Scan sencor at productronica 2024 in Munich: Roman Wieser, CEO and founder of Wickon Hightech, and colleague at the booth

In series production of power electronics for electric vehicles, we are optimizing our inspection cycle rates and are also a technology partner for numerous production-related areas.
With regard to battery technology, we are active in the field of solid-state battery inspection. At the same time, we design and develop inspection solutions for solid-state battery production in order to meet the requirements of modern, scalable production landscapes.

60 Sigma in our sights

Market researchers are forecasting very strong growth in the AOI market up to at least 2030. However, our vision goes beyond numbers: we are striving to transform the market from 3D inspection to 3D metrology. For us, taking on this challenge means achieving “60 Sigma,” and thus a level of precision that is 10 times greater than conventional inspection systems.

Roman Wieser, founder and CEO of Wickon Hightech,

Despite some global challenges, at Wickon Hightech we look toward the future with optimism. Our adaptability, our innovative strength and, above all, the commitment and dedication shown by our team are our key resources. Wickon Hightech remains not only a player, but a pioneer in the electronics and inspection industry, and we are determined to continue this success story in the years to come.

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