WIŚNIOWSKI is a leader in the Polish market of garage doors, windows, doors, gates, and fences, successfully developing its brand on international markets. The company is present in more than 30 countries and the products can be found in 2,500 showrooms worldwide. WIŚNIOWSKI has been in operation for 35 years and its strategy is based on dynamic development in key areas: production technology, design, and product functionality. Their products are manufactured in three modern production plants with a total area of 280,000 square metres.

Interview with Michał Rzechowski, Export Director at WNE WIŚNIOWSKI.

Easy Engineering: What are the main areas of activity of the company? 

Michał Rzechowski: Pioneering investments in Industry 4.0 solutions are embedded in the brand identity. For 20 years, we have been independently developing original know-how based on robotization and automation. Thanks to our state-of-the-art machinery park, we are able to customize products while mass-producing them. These innovations allow us to dynamically adapt our products to the specific requirements of global markets. In addition to our production areas, we also have state-of-the-art training, exhibition, and logistics centres, where we employ over 2,000 people.

E.E: What’s the news about new products/services? 

M.R: The construction industry is an area that is constantly evolving both in terms of technology and design, which is why adapting the portfolio of joinery and fences to the current trends, and essentially anticipating or even creating them, is an important aspect of our specialists’ work. We are constantly expanding our offer with new, innovative products, among which the PRIME garage doors with the RC2 anti-burglary kit are worthy of a mention. They are secure products, almost impossible to force open, as confirmed by the recommendation of the independent IFT Rosenheim institute. 

In 2019, PVC windows joined the WIŚNIOWSKI product family. Today, our window and patio door range, not only made of PVC, but also aluminium and steel, is adapted to the needs of the most demanding markets, such as the French renovation standards or German burglary resistance standards. Recently, alongside the Lift and Slide and Tilt and Slide systems, the Slide type patio doors have appeared in our points of sale. 

It would be impossible not to mention here the MakroPro 2.0 ELH door – a modern solution that combines the functionality of a garage door and a façade – which received the prestigious Archiproducts Design Award. The door leaf can be infilled with any material, such as ceramic, stone or composite panels, creating the effect of a perfectly uniform façade. This garage door, known as a façade door, is a product using a design developed for industry, which will also be perfect for private buildings. 

And while we’re on the subject of industry-inspired innovations, let me also highlight our residential folding gate, a fence gate model for narrow driveways, characterized by fast operation. I will limit myself to these few examples, although I could go on for hours, as we have more than 2,000 product solutions on offer today. 

E.E: What are the ranges of products/services? 

M.R: We specialize in four areas: garage doors, windows, doors, and fence systems, for both the home and industry. Our portfolio covers the full material range – we manufacture from steel, PVC, as well as aluminium. Among garage doors for individual customers, we offer: sectional doors, roller doors, single- and double-leaf doors, up-and-over doors and, of course, remarkable automation solutions. Today, more than 70% of garage doors leave our factory in an automated version. In terms of doors in the private sector, we offer external and internal door models. When it comes to our range of windows for the home, we guarantee nearly the widest range of dimensions. The WIŚNIOWSKI residential fence range includes 8 collections and 80 models in steel and 9 brand new ones in aluminium. 

Among our fence systems for business, we have five categories: high-speed folding gates, sliding gates, double-leaf gates and wickets, mesh panels, and industrial fence panels. In joinery for industry, we have a range of solutions such as windows, doors, façades, walls, fire-rated elements, sectional doors, roller doors, overhead sliding doors, folding doors, and dock levelling systems. 

Apart from manufacturing safe solutions for the home and business, our organization has an important mission: education. In our proprietary training programs, experts from the WIŚNIOWSKI Training Centre instruct 700 people a year on product solutions and correct installation of joinery and fences. We are committed to close cooperation with professionals, as the full functionality of WIŚNIOWSKI products largely depends on proper installation. 

E.E: What is the state of the market where you are currently active?

M.R: Although the economic situation is challenging, there are growth opportunities for the joinery industry in the coming years, related both to further international expansion and thermal modernization programs. The implementation of the so-called European Green Deal anticipates 7.5 million thermal modernizations between 2021 and 2050. The way to achieve the target figure is to expand the current programs and introduce new ones through which it will be possible to receive financial support for renovations. 

We already offer products that meet the stringent requirements in this regard. These include the highly insulated UniTherm and PRIME garage doors, which are very popular with customers benefiting from subsidies under government programs for thermal modernization. As for windows, it’s the triple-glazed version of the PRIMO 82 windows, which are up to 36% warmer than double-glazed windows. This means benefits not only in terms of energy, but in the long term, also financial ones.

It is not without significance that in the recent years, the German market, which is one of the key recipients of our products, has been experiencing unfavorable economic changes and, as the WIŚNIOWSKI company, we have had to face these challenges in order to adapt our export strategy to the new reality. We recognize the deepening problems of the residential construction sector, although it is worth noting that the problem does not affect commercial or public construction so significantly, both of which continue to use our solutions (especially in the area of fences, doors or façade solutions). As a result, sales declines are not as severe for us. This is also possible thanks to the diversification of sales markets that we have been pursuing consistently for many years. In the most problematic periods of decline, we therefore focused our attention on other European countries, increasing our presence in regions such as France, Austria, the UK, and the Scandinavian countries, among others. We are convinced that flexibility and openness to new opportunities are key to maintaining stability within the company in changing market conditions.

E.E: What can you tell us about market trends?

M.R: We can observe several key market trends that are shaping the product range we offer. Above all, there is growing interest in products that constitute minimalist designs inspired by nature. In the area of garage doors, we are talking about high ribs, raw colours or an active trend for black joinery. In the window sector, there has been a continuous trend towards large glazings. In the door category – towards large sidelights and designer linings with Corten steel sheet or copper elements. In the fence range, horizontal models are particularly appreciated today, which was unthinkable just a few years ago, especially in Poland, but today? WIŚNIOWSKI’s Home Inclusive and Modern collections, full of modern horizontal fence designs, are a favourite among our customers. The adaptation of industrial solutions for home use is becoming increasingly popular, which is reflected in products such as the previously mentioned residential folding gate. Demand for smart solutions is also increasing, which is an important direction of development for our company.

E.E: What are the most innovative products/services marketed?

M.R: A contemporary investor does not buy the products of a given brand alone, but the values behind it: comfort, innovation, and safety. Our response to these needs can be seen in products designed according to the “comfortable living” principle, such as the private parcel pick-up station. The MultiBox, as this is the product in question, is a type of fence post that allows parcels to be received regardless of where in the world you are. The box can be opened remotely with a smartphone or with a dedicated code, which you can give to the courier, e.g. by phone. Another innovative proposition of the WIŚNIOWSKI brand is the smartCONNECTED function, which makes it possible to integrate all your home appliances and control them with a single app. It is a solution that allows you to fully exploit the potential of our garage doors, windows, doors or roller shutters and gives you 100% of control over your home and property. 

E.E: What estimations do you have for 2024?

M.R: In line with the claim “Quality that lasts”, we do not only focus on current challenges, but also design and manufacture with the distant future in mind. By making sure that our products last as long as possible, we provide our customers with peace of mind for years to come, while at the same time pursuing our mission to protect the environment – because in practice, less waste means more oxygen. And today, as much as 40% of energy consumption in Europe is generated by the construction sector. Fully aware of the industry’s impact on the environment, we appeal to our customers to choose responsibly and opt for products created in line with the idea of sustainable development, such as those offered by the WIŚNIOWSKI brand. Pro-environmental actions undertaken by us in the Green Light campaign result from our genuine concern for future generations. However, narrowing the horizon to the second half of 2024 – in spite of the unstable market situation, it looks to be very promising. We plan to continue the dynamic development of our production technology and the design of our products in order to respond to customer needs even more precisely. We intend to increase our presence in international markets and continuously strengthen our leading position in our domestic market.