Worldia tools for composite manufacturing (CFRP, GFRP): solid carbide, diamond-coated or PCD-tipped


Worldia, founded 2000 in China, is a leading manufacturer of high-quality, superhard cutting tools, components and materials (PCD, CVDD, MCD, PCBN) with 5 manufacturing locations and more than 1100 employees worldwide, thereof 10% in Research and Development, holding over 250 patents.

Since 2019, the company is listed on Chinese stock market as one of the first 25 high-tech companies. Innovation, a focus on technology, highest quality standards and consistent customer orientation have enabled Worldia to grow steadily and invest in new product areas and locations.

Interview with Michael Grimm, Chief Strategy Officer of Worldia Group.

Easy Engineering: What news can you share with us about Worldia?

Michael Grimm: Currently we put a lot of focus on preparation for EMO in Hannover in September this year. We feel after the exhibition had to pause due to pandemic, there is a lot of interest in the market to meet face-to-face and learn about new products and solutions first hand.

We are really looking forward to this opportunity.

E.E: What is Worldia going to show at EMO?

M.G: This year’s EMO theme will be “Innovative Manufacturing”. There is a lot that we can pack under this headline. Basically, we will have 3 main topics: 1. Solutions for Sustainable Industries 2. Solutions for Micro Applicators and 3. Innovative Cutting Materials.

E.E: What does this mean in detail?

M.G: Let me start with “Solutions for Sustainable Industries”. As we all see every day, reduction of carbon oxide is a challenge for everyone. For the industry this means a significant transition phase on several ends. On one hand, of course we need to look at our own production processes and facilities. We have taken action and have a clear roadmap how to become carbon-neutral. On the other hand, we re-focus our portfolio on products that support our customers in their contribution to a better climate. PCBN (polycrystalline cubic boron nitride) inserts to turn wind turbine bearings, PCD (polycrystalline diamond) drills to drill glass fiber wind turbine blades, Diamond scribing wheels to cut solar panel glasses, complete tooling solutions for heat pump and electric vehicle components are just a few examples.

E.E: What do you mean with “Solutions for Micro Applications”? 

M.G: Micromachining is workpiece material removal with geometric defined cutting edge, but with very small depth of cut and chipload. These are applications e.g. in electronic, optical, medical and watch industry or small dies and molds with very specific requirements to the tools in each application. But we also manufacture materials and components for these industries. In electronic industry we e.g. provide PCD micro drills from diameter 0,08 mm on. For the optical industry, Worldia manufactures MCD (monocrystalline diamond) lenses and cutting tools with CVDD (chemical vapour deposition diamond) and MCD edges of highest precision to create mirror-alike surfaces on glass and other materials. Tools equipped with MCD and CVDD are also used in watch industry, and for mechanical watches our lab-grown diamonds find use as bearing points.

E.E: You also mentioned “Innovative Cutting Materials”?

M.G: This is one of the biggest differentiators of Worldia, as we do not only design and manufacture tools – our scientists develop tailored-to-application grades of all above mentioned materials (MCD, PCD, CVDD and PCBN) and the manufacturing processes for them – for inhouse manufacturing or together with cooperation partners. Also, we develop our in-house coating technology to the next level as we see the opportunities to increase tool life substantially by new, innovative, highly wear-resistant coatings.

E.E: What standard products will you show at EMO?

M.G: We will show our standard MANANOVA inserts with an extended standard portfolio of indexable milling cutters and inserts. Furthermore, for the first time we are going to show carbide products such as carbide rods, solid carbide drills and end mills as well as a dedicated carbide milling and grooving insert portfolio for General Engineering.

E.E: Except your EMO participation, what other news can you share with us?

M.G: Worldia stays on course for expansion. We strengthen our sales team in Europe and are planning new subsidiaries in South Asia and in the Americas. In terms of products, there are a lot of ideas what markets can be served based on the technologies we have in house. E.g. a new application we have found for our CVDD technology are high-end loudspeakers.