QUARTZ CRYSTAL (often identified as Xtal, External Crystal Oscillator, because the crystal oscillator unit is often used as an external circuit) also known as quartz crystal resonator or crystal oscillator, is an electronic component that uses the piezoelectric effect of quartz crystal (also known as crystal) to generate high-precision oscillation frequency, and belongs to passive components. This component is mainly composed of quartz wafer, base, shell, silver glue, silver and other components. According to the lead condition, it can be divided into two types: DIP (with lead) and SMD (without lead). The current common main package models are

DIP: HC-49S/DIP, 2*6 DIP, 3*8 DIP;

SMD Seam: 1.2*1.0mm, 1.6*1.2mm, 2.0*1.6mm, 2.5*2.0mm, 3.2*2.5mm, 5.0*3.2mm, 7.0*5.0mm, HC-49SMD; 

SMD Glass: 5.0*3.2mm.


At present, although quartz crystal have tended to be miniaturized, such as the size of 2.5*2.0mm, 2.0*1.6mm, 1.6*1.2mm and 1.2*1.0mm, etc., the quartz crystal SMD3225 still occupies a large proportion, and its advantages are stability, good precision and high cost performance. Compared with 49S, SMD5032, etc., the passive quartz crystal SMD3225 can save a lot of space on the PCB board, in addition, in the welding method, it can reduce the increasing labor cost, and also it is the most important point that SMD quartz crystal can greatly reduce various hidden dangers of damage to crystal oscillators caused by hand soldering, such as the temperature and welding time control of the electric soldering iron, the treatment of solder residues, etc., improper handling of these human factors will greatly affect the normal operation of the crystal oscillator and cause poor power on the circuit board. Therefore, the quartz crystal SMD3225 is widely used in most consumer digital smart electronic products due to its package size and cost-effective advantages.

WTL the best selling quartz crystal is TX3 Series 3.2*2.5/4/SMD, more details are as follows

Frequency Range: 8.000MHz to 104.000MHz

Mode: AT/Fundamental

Hold Style: 3225 SMD Seam

Load Capacitance (CL): 8pF, 9pF, 10pF, 12pF, 18pF, 20pF, or Specify

Frequency Tolerance (at 25℃): ±10ppm ~ ±30ppm or Specify

Operating Temperature Range: -20~+70℃, -40~+85℃, or Specify

Frequency Stability Over Operating Temperature Range: ±10ppm ~ ±30ppm or Specify

ESR max.: 200Ω (8.000 ~ 10.000MHz), 80Ω (10.000 ~ 24.000MHz), 60Ω (24.000 ~ 104.000MHz)

Storage Temperature Range: -55~+125℃

Drive Level (Typical): 1~100μW (50μW Typical)

Aging @25℃ 1st Year (Max): ±3ppm/Year


Features and advantages:

  1. High production capacity: 30 million pieces/month; fast delivery: 4~6 weeks; inventory available for small quantity 
  2. 2. SMD metal package.
  3. 3. Wide frequency range, high precision, high reliability, low power consumption, anti-electromagnetic interference (EMI) and low jitter.
  4. 4. Excellent environmental resistance, up to industrial temperature.
  5. 5. Green products, certified by RoHS and Pb Free.
  6. 6. Tape packaging, suitable for automatic installation, and meet the reflow temperature curve requirements of lead-free soldering.
  7. 7. Main application areas: smart phones, wearable smart devices, network communications, Bluetooth, WIFI, GPS microprocessors, wireless communications, medical electronics, smart terminal products, smart cities, etc.

WTL also provide AEC-Q200 Grade 3.2*2.5/4/SMD Crystal!

The above is the introduction of WTL brand 3.2*2.5/4/SMD crystal oscillator. If you have any needs, please feel free to contact us. Our company will provide you with 100% frequency control components matching service!

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