Established in 1992, Marte S.p.A. is an Italian Company, which has made the manufacturing of unsaturated Polyester resins into a mission. Established using its own technologies and know-how to design and build an innovative production process, Marte S.p.A. produces and markets orthophtalic, isopthalic , DCPD , low styrene content and unique styrene-free resins. Its focus on tailor-made formulations and its highly consistent quality makes it a reputable business partner on international markets.

Having an installed production capacity equal to 25,000 T/year, the company has developed a complete range of unsaturated Polyester resins for a wide variety of applications.

Different state-of-the-art resins have been gaining special attention on the international markets in and outside Europe:

Ares P 809 N 7 LV is highly appreciated for artificial marble thanks to the excellent results shown in final applications performed with Breton technology. It has also been endorsed by Breton expertise R&D for its outstanding polishing behavior and mechanical features (reduced shrinkage and no cracks).

Ares P 167 LV is a styrene free resin, ideal as carrier for pigments for production of Color Pastes. It has low viscosity and very high absorbance of pigments and fillers. Good system compatibility and very high stability.

ARES P 255 ASL 7-M is an ISO / NPG acrylic modified resin for solid surface with very good color and brilliance. It has good wetting of fillers and good compatibility with pigments. The resin shows high chemical resistance and very good mechanical properties and low shrinkage.

ARES P 945 N 15 is an ortho – DCPD resin for hand-made panels productions. It has an excellent wetting of fiberglass and good mechanical properties, good elongation and high dimensional stability. The resin has a limited styrene content and a controlled exothermic peak.

ARES resins are used for gelcoats productions for the excellent color and transparency and for the good compatibility with different pigments and fillers. Resins have very low yellowing and good weathering properties. UV stabilized resins are available for many industrial and marine applications.

ARES P 825 N7 is a DCPD resin accelerated with amine for car body putties production. The resin has a low styrene content, a low shrinkage, and a very good adhesion on zinc and other metals supports. It has very good wetting of talc and other fillers for production of putties with very good curing and easy sandability. No tacky surface also on very thin layers.

As early as 1992 already in the forefront in the supply of DCPD resins with low styrene content and exceptionally low emissions, in the last few years the company has focused on the development of ecofriendly solutions.

Having the continuous implementation of eco-friendly solutions as company mission, after the successful development of ARES grades with low VOC content or styrene free grades, Marte’s R&D has launched  a new range of Bio-recipe resins.

Bio-recipe resins means that resins are not only derived from chemicals, but also partly derived from biomass (plants) or even from vegetable raw materials.

Marte S.p.A. has developed a full range of Bio-recipe resins for the different applications and alongside their traditional counterparts in order to meet the increasingly growing market request for green solutions.

The company is once again confirming its leading position on the market in the development, manufacturing and marketing of innovative UP resins, started early 90’s with the launch of low styrene content resins (DCPD range), confirmed in the following decade with the launch of resins with no styrene or extremely low styrene content (Eco Ares range) and definetely established with the launch of present Bio-recipe resins (Bio Ares).

Marte’s technical staff welcomes customers’ requests for tailor-made developments to satisfy any specific need.