ZeroClamp is an established system provider of clamping devices and customer/machine-orientated automation solutions developed in-house. Started in 2006 in a small office, the company has developed into an internationally operating medium-sized company in just 18 years. At its own modern site in Bruckmühl, over 65 employees now develop, produce and sell premium products for clamping technology and automation concepts. Over 120 satisfied customers in automation and several thousand in clamping technology rely on ZeroClamp products.

Easy Engineering: What are the company’s main areas of activity?

The main areas of activity are the development, production and sale of clamping technology and automation solutions on the international market. Under the name “Garant ZeroClamp”, the Hoffmann Group is the strongest sales partner for the marketing of clamping technology on the European market, focusing on Germany, Austria and Switzerland. This will allow us to concentrate more on the sale of our own automation systems as well as the new development of intelligent clamping devices and innovative automation systems such as the ZeroCob®.

E.E: What’s new about new products?

We are currently in the test phase for our newest member of the automation team, the ZeroCob® N10. This is an in-house developed modular system centred around a Nachi MZ10 industrial robot. The so-called ZeroClamp® SmartHub serves as an intelligent control centre for the required components and eliminates the need for an interface to the machine.

With the ZeroCob® modular system, ZeroClamp is launching a whole range of useful components onto the market that are needed to automate older existing machines. Starting with automatic door opening, doors up to 2 metres wide can be opened with the ZeroClamp® DoorDrive. The signal for the end of the programme is picked up from the machine light via a sensor. The programme is started by the ZeroClamp® Smart Operator, which is attached to each control unit and triggers the “cycle start”.

E.E: What does the product range look like?

ZeroClamp is the only supplier in the world to offer a complete portfolio ranging from workpiece clamping to complex automation. This means in detail:

  • Zero point clamping system
  • Vises (mechanical/pneumatic)
  • Vise variant as a rail system
  • Clamping towers for horizontal machining
  • Basic clamping plates
  • Loading robot incl. storage system 
  • Job management software

E.E: What is the situation in the market in which you are currently active?

ZeroClamp is active in the machining market. The market for mechanical CNC machining is the focus market. The market is currently taking fewer CNC machines due to the global political situation and the gloomy economic situation. This also applies to sales of clamping technology for ZeroCLamp, as a lot of clamping technology is purchased as part of the purchase of a new machine tool. We take a more positive view of the automation market, as our customers are burdened with high non-wage labour costs and a general shortage of personnel. Automation is the right answer to this problem.

E.E: What can you tell us about market trends?

As previously mentioned, automation is the clear trend. In principle, spindle runtimes in machining must move in the direction of 24/7. This is only possible with automation in the loading of the machine tool and in the corresponding clamping technology, which must also be automatable.

To put it in a nutshell: the exchange of wages for depreciation will increase and as a full-service provider for the automation of systems, we are ideally equipped for the future.

E.E: Which are the most innovative products that are marketed?

In terms of parts automation, our handling systems, which can automate individual parts as well as clamping devices or pallets, are unique and highly innovative. Product example Zerobot 100 V or Zerobot 100 S 

E.E: What are your estimates for the beginning of 2024?

We do not have high expectations in Germany until QT IV and hope that a positive investment climate will develop in the course of the interest rate policy and hopefully a general political easing towards the end of the year.