Furniture dampers redefined

For decades Zimmer GmbH Daempfungssysteme has proven its innovative power as one of the technology leaders in the furniture damper segment and as an innovator from the very beginning with individual solutions. In 2020, the subsidiary of the Zimmer Group is now poised for a revolution in the damping sector: With its new smooth damper variant, which has been specially developed for sliding doors, cabinets, drawers and flaps etc., a completely new and unique damping experience can now be experienced with all the senses in the furniture sector.


Integrated into the fittings of a piece of furniture, the new damping technology changes the entire behaviour of previously known furniture dampers. The developers have succeeded in reducing the opening force that a user has to exert to open (and close) a sliding door so much that it feels as if it no longer exists. This allows the sliding door to be very easy to operate (open) despite its high door weight. In terms of accessibility and user-friendliness, this opens up completely new horizons for the new Smooth furniture damper. In addition to children, the focus is on older people and people with limited mobility or a handicap, who can now open and close doors easily and conveniently without effort.  


A further highlight of the new Smooth version is its particularly soft and whisper-quiet cushioning. Due to its purely mechanical properties, only a soft, barely perceptible noise can be heard.


The new damper also cuts a good figure in terms of appearance: If you watch a drawer being closed, it moves with the elegance and grace of a servo motor – but it is human-operated. The disadvantage that the speed of movement is predetermined (as is typical for the electric drive) does not apply, as the person himself determines the movement: easy. Smooth. Simple!


The customer likes that: A pleasant side effect of this new type of intelligent damping is the reduction of product variety and variance for the customer, since only one single damper variant is required for different weight classes!


The new smooth damper, which smells of a revolution and innovation, can be installed in all Zimmer GmbH Daempfungssysteme self-closing units already in stock and can, of course, also be used as an individual component in the fitting of the respective customer. The new Smooth version has been in mass production since February 2020 and is available with a damping system suitable for all door weights from 15 kg to 160 kg.