Zoomlion QUY260 “Twin Towers” Arrive in Kazakhstan

A Chinese mining company has recently started work on Kazakhstan’s largest ever copper project, and 13 items of Zoomlion lifting machinery, consisting of two Zoomlion QUY260 crawler cranes, one QY100, two QY80, four QY55, and four QY25 truck cranes, have been formally put to work on the two-year construction project. This is the first time a Chinese crane manufacturer has exported such a large quantity of lifting machinery to the Central Asian market.

Because of the special significance of this copper project, including the high quality requirements, high barriers to entry, and strict government regulations, prior to purchasing any machinery the mining company carried out exhaustive comparisons of crane manufacturers, but finally awarded the equipment procurement license for the project to Zoomlion due to its reliable product quality and worry-free after-sales service.

The most interesting procurement is the pair of QUY260s, which is the first foray into the Central Asian market by Zoomlion’s star crawler crane product. In order to ensure smooth construction during the mining project, the Overseas Branch Company sent after-sales service experts to the project site to provide 24-hours customer service in areas including product acceptance, debugging, maintenance, repair, and driver training. During the past month of construction, the QUY260s have performed exceptionally well. This and the enthusiastic after-sales service provided by Zoomlion have been greatly appreciated by the client. This is the second batch of medium- and large-tonnage cranes to enter the Central Asian market since Zoomlion sent the first QUY600 to Kazakhstan in 2009, thus helping to solidify Zoomlion’s position and market influence in the region’s crane market.