Entries close 31 October 2023

The international INTERMAT Innovation Awards competition pays tribute to equipment, technology, services or products that contribute to driving progress in the construction, infrastructure and materials industries, and to achieving the major transitions in the sector. Its ninth edition will be held under the auspices of the next edition of INTERMAT, the sustainable construction solutions and technology exhibition, taking place from 24 to 27 April at the Paris Nord Villepinte exhibition centre. 

A springboard and global showcase for innovation in the construction sector 

All the INTERMAT 2024 exhibitors and co-exhibitors taking part in the competition benefit from unique visibility before, during and after the exhibition to promote the innovation of a product, service, item of equipment, technology or solution, and offer it nationwide and international publicity. 

Exhibitors are invited to compete in five categories corresponding to each of the tradeshow’s hubs of expertise: 

  1. Earthmoving, Demolition and Transportation 
  2. Lifting and Handling 
  3. Roads, Materials and Foundations 
  4. Building, Civil Engineering and Concrete Sector 
  5. New Technologies and Energies 

Among the new developments in this ninth edition, entrants can compete in the new category New Technologies and Energies (electric, hydrogen, natural gas energies, autonomous vehicles, virtual technology engineering, etc.), while four special awards recognising initiatives by companies offering a specific innovation will also be presented:

  1. World of Concrete Europe Award 
  2. Low carbon Initiative and Solution Award 
  3. Start-up Award 
  4. Safety Award 

A judging panel made up of French and international users and experts 

The jury for the INTERMAT Innovation Awards, mainly made up of users, experts from construction sector companies or bodies, comprises nine French members and seven international members involved in the themes of zero carbon and energy but also in the areas of cost savings, safety or training, which are all central topics at the 2024 edition of the show. 

The jury will screen the entries for those where the product, service, equipment or technology contributes a breakthrough in the areas of cost savings, technical design and technology used, operation, usage and environmental protection, before selecting the nominees and finally designating the winners in the five categories and those of the four special awards. 

International judges 

  • Michel Petitjean, General Secretary, European Rental Association (ERA) 
    • Maria Moreno, International Director, Asociacion de Empresas Constructoras y Concesionarias de Infraestructuras SEOPAN 
    • Alessio Rimoldi, Secretary General, Federation of the European Precast Concrete Industry (BIBM) 
    • Brian Jones, President, Construction Plant-Hire Association 
    • Massimiliano Ruggeri, Technical Director, Imamoter 
    • Michele Levati, Director, Lombardini 22 Civil Engineering, 
    • Heinz G. Rittmann, CEO, Deutscher Auslandsbau Verband 

A word from Michele Levati, Lombardini 22: I think that technological development is one of the essential drivers with which we can seriously address the climate crisis we are experiencing, and INTERMAT is one of the events where we can take stock of the frontiers of this development. It will undoubtedly be an opportunity to compare the development of the various sectors in the construction world, which is becoming ever vaster and more complex, and therefore of great interest to us as designers. I am very interested, for example, in looking closely at how the demolition sector is changing, with particular focus on selective demolition and material reuse, a theme that is critical to decarbonisation in the construction world and on which a lot of progress still has to be made! 

The French jury 

  • Dominique Chevillard, Technical and Research Director, FNTP 
    • Christophe Possémé, President, UMGO-FFB 
    • Fabrice Blanc, Equipment Director, Eiffage Génie Civil 
    • Maxime Chamillard, Labs coordinator & Innovation strategy consultant, Impulse Partner 
    • Vincent Simon, Director of ambassador engagement, Worldskills 
    • Matthieu Armengaud, Head of Maintenance, Safety, Environment, DLR 
    • Frédéric Peigne, Project Director of Grand Paris Express lines 16 and 17, Société du Grand Paris 
    • François Renault, Equipment and Environment Director, Kiloutou 
    • Anthony Goubert, influencer, Radio TP 

A word from Frédéric Peigne, Société du Grand Paris: Having spent the last 30-plus years in the construction sector on projects dealing with energy, the environment and transport in France and abroad, I am honoured to be a judge in the competition which distinguishes the best practices in construction. The Grand Paris Express lines 16 and 17 project, which draws on a wide array of construction technologies, is a transport project but more importantly a project to develop the Ile-de-France region that will transform the everyday lives of millions of users. In the strong belief that innovation in construction will help bring about significant gains in terms of worker protection, operation carbon footprint and contractor competitiveness, I look forward to this participation as a moment of exchange and sharing, and I hope to distinguish the new practices in our domain. 

How to enter 

➢ Phase 1: register to enter in the Exhibitor Area, under the section INTERMAT Innovation Awards 

➢ Phase 2: submit entry on the dedicated platform, including full technical documentation in French of English, with a detailed and explanatory description, supporting documents (plans, diagrams, videos, test reports, user references, etc.), a picture of the innovation and the company’s logo. 

Key dates 

➢ 31 October 2023: closing date for registrations 

➢ 10 November 2023: deadline for entry submissions 

➢ 13 November 2023: 1st jury meeting 

➢ 20 December 2023: 2nd jury meeting 

➢ 18 January 2024: announcement of nominees at INTERMAT Press Days (18 and 19 January at Longchamp racecourse, Paris) 

➢ 6 March 2024: 3rd jury meeting 

➢ 24 April 2024: announcement of winners and presentation of awards at a special evening on the first day of the show. 

Contact for registrations and entry submissions: Margaux Lemarchand 

+33 (0)7 63 26 90 44 or margaux.lemarchand@comexposium.com