ALL GOOD THINGS COMES IN THREES! MB Crusher presents three new models of sorting grapples

Pythagoras once said that 3 is a perfect number.

To satisfy many construction sites, MB Crusher manufactured three new grapples, designed, and built with the company’s philosophy in mind: to simplify the work on-site, reduce the time spent processing material, and save on operational costs. We ensured our grapples could work in multiple application areas: handling logs, stones, debris, poles, positioning stones for drywall, clearing branches, etc.


  • The new models are designed for smaller excavators: the MB-G350 and the MB-G450.
  • The former weighs just over 13 stones and is compatible with mini excavators weighing from 1.3 to 2.6 tons.
  • The latter weighs just over 45 stones and can be installed on midi excavators weighing 3 to 6 tons.

Small and compact, versatile and safe, agile and precise, both grapples have a wider opening than any of the other grapples on the market: despite being small, they can still pick up and handle large materials. They are equipped with a fall prevention valve, guaranteeing safety on the job site. The parts prone to wear are made of Hardox steel.

Both models are designed to have an electrical kit installed for dual-acting hydraulics: this way, the two grapples can utilize 360° rotation even with mini excavators that only have two hoses.

Like the larger models, the MB-G450 sorting grapple comes with interchangeable blades, which can be flipped around, extending the life of the blades. Finally, both units have two versions: with or without a rotation turret.

Both grapples can have accessories installed to simplify managing materials: the clamshell kit is perfect when collecting and handling small material, picking up soil, gravel, and sand. The multi-purpose blade kit helps pick up oddly shaped materials. For the MB-G450 sorting grapple, you can install the tilting lift rubber protection kit to manage angular blocks and delicate material.


Weighing at 254.32 stones and has a load capacity of 0.44 m3 /440L for versatile, compact, and reliable equipment: the new MB-G1000 grapple was explicitly designed for heavy work. Due to the work, the unit has been reinforced without losing its agility and ease of use.

Two new features are the dual motor, which allows for greater rotation and closing force, and the balancing valves installed on the hydraulic cylinder, allowing the unit to be more precise when handling materials.

This new model also comes with an inclined plate, allowing the unit to work regardless of the angle, and has the 360° hydraulic rotation, allowing the grapple to pick up materials in all working conditions efficiently.

It’s also equipped with a safety valve, preventing accidental openings if the excavator’s pressure drops. There’s also a silent block, allowing the unit to work in areas where you need to be mindful of the noise.

Depending on the work, the MB-G1000 model can be equipped with various accessories: the grip improvement kit for the blades, allowing the unit to handle materials with a better grip and greater control, perfect for materials of particular weight and shapes. The multi-purpose blade kit consists of a double blade: one side has teeth while the other is smooth. Another accessory is the tilted lift rubber protection kit, which handles angular block or delicate material. Lastly, there’s the clamshell kit to collect and handle small materials.