SmartROC T45 is based on a proven control system which gives consistency in job after job and doesn´t, to the same extent, rely on your operator’s performance. SmartROC T45 will revolutionize your fuel consumption, improve your availability, and provide you with the documentation you need to be on top of your business. With help from features such as HNS, AutoPos and ROC Manager, you’re always on top of your operation.

Safety depends on control. The SmartROC T45 dramatically reduces the risks of manual errors and human mistakes. With options such as Hole Navigation System (HNS) you have the right information at your fingertips. This greatly improves both efficiency and safety on the bench.


The SmartROC T45 relies on automation functionalities to make sure you drill as planned. The automatic feed alignment ensures that you always maintain the desired angle when drilling, which is crucial for optimum blasting results. In addition, the automatic rod adding system makes it easy for the operator, adding rods to the desired depth. The machine drills to the exact desired drilling depth with no mistakes, while the operator supervises until it´s time to pick up the rods. Both functions deliver consistent results you can rely on, shift after shift.


There are two things the SmartROC T45 never compromises on – fuel efficiency and high productivity. The key to its incredible fuel efficiency is a rig that only uses the energy it needs for the work at hand. In addition to its standard automatic radiator fan, engine and compressor speed are automatically adjusted depending on operating mode. For example, during tramming or when the rig is not working, the compressor puts no load on the engine and thus reduces engine speed. Further, the airflow and dust collector speed can be adjusted as needed by the operator.


The SmartROC T45 gives the operator the most energy efficient rig in its class. Its hydraulic system uses significantly less oil, compared to other rigs, with a hydraulic tank that is 1/3 the standard size for its class. This means the operator can use biological oil with approximately the same cost as usual oil, and he doesn´t have to worry about taking care of spillage.


– Double hose drums with a slot for each hose. This extends the life of the hoses and does not require greasing

– A new comfortable chair and two multi-functional joysticks. Operatorfriendly and ergonomic FOPS/ROPS cabin with great visibility

– Reduced number of hoses and couplings for better serviceability

– Atlas Copco’s rock drill control system COP Logic brings you great hole quality and penetration rate.