Ligna, a biennial event, will be held at Hanover from 27 to 31 May 2019, it is the leading trade fair when it comes to machines, facilities and tools for the processing of wood and is, for Biesse, the ultimate place for sharing about the opportunities provided by robotisation and the advantages offered by new technology.

Thanks to years of investments in services and technology designed to help develop digital factories, Biesse is framing its new business strategy by placing people at the centre of its approach to designing machines. Guided by the Automaction concept, a guiding principle that fully describes the tangible impact of Biesse solutions on automated and interconnected production, Biesse confirms and further strengthens the bond between man and robot, not just by presenting a greater number of solutions that make use of robots on the stand, but also by demonstrating how people can benefit from them, validating their work and making production more efficient. The used of robotic systems in factories guarantees maximum production efficiency and helps simplify processes.

The Biesse stand at Ligna will present 3 process solutions that have been automated from the raw material to the finished product. Several integrated lines and several robotised cells will also be present, offering incomparable levels of customisation, modularity and flexibility for the facility, fundamental requirements for contemporary production.

In order to constantly make the factory more efficient, Biesse pairs robotisation and digitalisation with the development of new software and continues the innovative journey that started with SOPHIA, the IoT service platform, expanding its functionality to embrace predictability, which will greatly improve the customised interaction with the customer when it comes to the machine and will significantly reduce the time required for assistance.

Visitors to LIGNA will be able to experience the cutting-edge technological innovation that characterises Biesse, test the tools that enable customers to obtain greater value from machines, and see how SOPHIA can revolutionise and simplify everyday work.