Bosch is consistently expanding its range of professional garden tools: core of the system is the new 9.0 Ah battery, the world’s most powerful battery for 36-volt garden tools. The size and weight are similar to those of the 6.0 Ah batteries (which are still available), but the 9.0 Ah battery also offers a 50 percent longer runtime. This means professionals can work even longer with the Bosch garden tools. The 9.0 Ah battery is fully compatible with the existing system. In addition to the two lawnmowers and brushcutters, there will be three hedgecutters and a blower: the GHE 60 T Professional, GHE 60 R Professional and GHE 70 R Professional hedgecutters and the GBL 860 Professional blower. All of these products are as powerful as petrol devices thanks to their powerful batteries and EC motors, but they also offer the many advantages of battery technology: they are at least 50 percent quieter, making them suitable for use in noise-sensitive environments such as parks and hospitals, have lower vibrations and are emission-free and maintenance-free.