Thanks to the leading-edge machinery and the multi-years professionalism, the company C4 Meccanica achieved operational and productive abilities which allowed to collaborate with many Italian companies renowned worldwide. C4 Meccanica produces hydraulic mulcher heads for excavators, extremely competitive in the national and international market.

Thanks to its experience, the company can offer the best Mulcher Heads, which can be modified to meet customer’s needs. The ranges of products include: forestry Mulcher Heads, Mulcher Heads for Mini-Excavators, Mulcher Heads for Skid Steers and even Drills and Mixing Bucket for Excavators. All products, Mulcher Heads, Drills or Buckets are entirely manufactured by the company, and they are widely customisable.

Over the years, the company kept investing in new technologies and increased the production thanks to the newest metal carpentry department.

The variety of machinery models and the possibility to make Mulcher Heads on customer’s design, make C4 Meccanica a national leading company in this field.

The Mulcher Heads for Excavators or Mini-Excavators are perfect to clean lands, canals, ditches or scarps. C4 Meccanica has everything the customer needs to solve their cutting problems.

If asked, the company can provide customizable standard joint. Customers can ask for accessories like knives and hoes. The mulcher heads for excavators and mini-excavators are available in a variety of models and configurations

C4 Meccanica has a sales and service network throughout the Italian territory and dealers in France, Belgium, Ireland, England, Romania and Portugal.

In 2020 the production was around 1.000 excavator attachments it’s expected a growth in 2021. Also, C4 Meccanica has obtained Iso 9001 and 45001 certifications.