A CASE 836C grader has recently completed the building of a complex network of forest roads nearby Świebodzin, Poland. The machine was purchased from EWPA Komorniki and operated by Forest Transport Centre.  

“Such a demanding jobsite requires a machine that is highly manoeuvrable and precise. That’s why we chose the CASE 836C grader. The combination of the steering system and its millimetre accuracy control have helped us build seven roads, with more planned for the future,” said Tomasz Kawa, Construction Manager, Forest Transport Centre. 

The roads are designed to make the forest more accessible for heavy vehicles and machines and have therefore been built with very strict parameters in mind. Each road varies between two and three kilometres long and their construction will better connect the local community.   

“The terrain makes operating on this project even more difficult,” continues Kawa. “Our team have noted how the CASE grader easily deals with the uneven ground of the forest floor. This means the entire road building project remains on schedule and is as efficient as possible,” he concluded. 

“It is great to see CASE machines delivering excellent results combined with low fuel consumption and high reliability in such tough operating conditions” said Dominik Ziemczonek, Marketing Manager, Central Eastern Europe, CASE Construction Equipment. “The 836C is purpose built to offer this level of precision to CASE operators, which has been the case on this exciting project.”