Case Construction Equipment C series Excavators boost Morris Leslie hire fleet

With demand for construction equipment continuing to grow throughout the UK, plant hirer Morris Leslie Plant Hire Ltd is expanding its fleet with no fewer than 30 new Case crawler excavators in the all-important 13 tonne to 21 tonne class.

The company took delivery of 20 of Case’s 13 tonne CX130C machines earlier in the year; then last month took another 10 machines, this time the larger CX210C model.

The company operates a network of 9 hire depots throughout the UK from Perth to Plymouth with the new Cases all being introduced to support the on hire business in England.

“We see Case as an important partner as we continue to expand and renew our fleet” says Graham Ogilvie, Group Operations Director with Morris Leslie.

“We initially purchased twenty 13 tonne excavators and have been very satisfied with their performance. On the strength of this, we went ahead and purchased a further ten CX210Cs, expanding our portfolio to 20 tonnes”, he adds.


The CX130C and CX210C models are from Case’s popular C series. Powered by new low emission Tier 4 Interim engines and boasting the technically advanced Case Intelligent Hydraulic System, this range offers increased efficiency and fuel savings.

“They offer excellent fuel economy which is a huge plus for our customers” says Mr Ogilvie. “We believe in providing the most efficient machines for our clients”.

The Case C series machines sacrifice nothing in order to achieve lower fuel consumption. They deliver an impressive digging performance with low emissions while using less fuel thanks to the Tier 4 Interim engines which use cooled exhaust gas recirculation (CEGR) to provide a cleaner burn.

Also contributing to better efficiency is Case’s Intelligent Hydraulic System which offers five key energy saving features. The Boom Energy Save lowers engine revs during boom lower and swing operations, while the Auto Energy Save system reduces engine revs when the joystick control levers are inactive.

The Swing Relief Control manages the hydraulic power distribution at the start of a slewing operation, enabling efficient use of hydraulic flow and pressure. The Spool Stroke Control automatically adjusts the hydraulic pressure during digging operations, and Idle Shutdown turns the engine off after a pre-set time has elapsed.


Tracked excavators in the 13 tonne to 21 tonne range form the backbone of the UK plant hire fleet, and Morris Leslie expects its new Case machines to be heavily utilised.

“There is currently strong demand in all sectors, and we expect these machines will be working mainly in the civil engineering, house building and commercial building sectors”, says Mr Ogilvie.

“Case has an excellent reputation in the market with a well-regarded product”, he adds. “The C series excavators are highly rated by operators and it is of paramount importance to us that the machines are well-received by site operatives.”