CAT B-Prefix hydraulic hammers, available in B4(s) and B6(s) silenced and B4 and B6 non-silenced versions, are designed for “plug-and-play” operation with a range of compact equipment—while delivering optimum life-cycle value. The new hammers are suited for skid steer loaders, multi-terrain loaders, compact track loaders, mini hydraulic excavators (3- to 8-ton operating weights), and backhoe loaders working in a range of construction and light-demolition applications, including site prep, landscaping, masonry, and concrete breaking. The B-Prefix hammers use a simple design that ensures reliability, versatility, ease-of-use and maintenance. As a package solution, the matching Caterpillar-designed hydraulic kits are also offered and the best fit for Cat machines, providing customers a breaker package with superior design and benefits.

Quality engineered


  • Simple, reliable, industry-standard modular design with two moving parts in the piston and valve
  • Flat-top mounting enables compact working envelope and compatibility with a full complement of brackets to suit preference of coupler, linkage kinematics, or machine size

Field service

  • Bushings are field-replaceable, and lower bushing can be rotated 90 degrees for improved wear performance
  • Included toolbox contains charging kit, hammer paste, and spare parts
  • Housings are designed to facilitate common maintenance items. Grease fitting and gas pressure check point are easily accessed with hammer on machine

Gas operation

  • Gas-fired operation cycle delivers consistent, long-term high production

Major components

  • Cylinder, back-head, front-head, piston, and tool are manufactured with high – quality materials and processes


  • Heavy-duty housing construction protects against breakage and wear


  • Piston transfers long shock waves into material; piston diameters are matched for maximum energy transfer; piston design and surface finish provide superior oil retention and seal life

Oil-control valve

  • Inward-type oil-control valve has high structural integrity and low failure rate

Mounting brackets

  • Interchangeability between H-prefix and B-prefix models

Tool types for the new hammers include moil, cone, parallel and transverse chisel, and blunt, allowing the hammer to be adapted to an extensive range of applications.