Caterpillar Inc. announces the availability of the PM620 and PM622 Cold Planers. The machines are high-production, highly maneuverable half-lane milling machine that perform controlled full-depth removal of asphalt and concrete pavements in a single pass. Operating weight for the PM620 is approximately 33 330 kg (73,260 lb) and the PM622 is approximately 33 900 kg (74,580 lbs). Transport weight for the PM620 is approximately 29 400 kg (64,680 lb), and the PM620 is approximately 30 000 kg (66,140 lb). The PM620 and PM622 are powered by a Cat® C18 ACERT™ engine, a turbocharged, 6-cylinder diesel engine that provides 470 kW (630 hp) of gross power. The C18 engine meets U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final and EU Stage IV emission standards. The engine is iso-mounted to reduce vibration and increase operator comfort. The Automatic Engine Speed Control feature allows the engine to optimize output to match the load, reducing excessive fuel consumption and wear on the engine.