eMobility Expo World Congress held the second edition of the eMobility Innovation Awards 2024, awards aimed at recognizing initiatives and projects that contribute significantly to the advancement of sustainable mobility. This year, the awards were given to initiatives and projects that seek to advance towards the electrification of mobility and improve electric vehicle charging systems.

The COPE Award for the Best Mobility Company was given to Vecla for its contribution to the conversion of combustion vehicles to 100% electric. The company has created this new system, aimed at manufacturers or owners of pre-existing or newly manufactured full or partial combustion vehicles interested in obtaining greater energy efficiency and lower energy costs in line with the SDGs set by the 2030 Agenda. The finalists in this category were EO Charging, for its hardware and software aimed at vehicle fleets that want to switch to an electric model; and Cafler, for its marketplace platform.

The Generalitat Valenciana Award for the Most Innovative Project for the Future of Mobility went to Fastned for its innovative fast-charging network that is leading the growth of charging infrastructure in Europe. The company’s yellow, nature-inspired stations create a welcoming environment for electric vehicle drivers during the 15 minutes it takes to charge up to 300 km of range. Also competing in this category were BusUp, for its flexible, shared corporate transportation solution; and Vertiports Network, for its modular landing port that can be incorporated into any rooftop or urban space within a city.

For its part, the Iberdrola Award for the Best Public Solution for Sustainable Mobility has recognized the company EMCIL for its innovative idea of compensating the user in tokens for the cost of each trip in an electric vehicle, whether cars, motorcycles, buses, scooters or even bicycles. Miivo Mobility and its Big Data technology, APIs and multiplatform applications to make mobility more accessible and usable; and VePa Vertical Parking, for its rotating parking system that allows storing and charging 12 cars in 45 square meters, have been finalists in this category.

E-Gap was the winner of the BP Award for the Best Mobility Solution for Customer Experience. This solution offers a convenient recharging service adapted to the needs of companies and users. To this end, it has a fleet of electric vans that travel to the location of the vehicle and charge the car, being able to complete the service at any time and place, even without the presence of the customer. Mocci, for its Smart Pedal Vehicles bicycle, which enables operational mobility in city centers in a more efficient and sustainable way; and ITENE, for its INTEGRA project, a locker integrated into an autonomous vehicle for the delivery of goods, were the finalists in this category.

Finally, the CEPSA Award for the Best Use of Technology to Improve Mobility went to LetMePark for its ticketless, cashless and fully automated on-street parking solution. Also competing in this category were See.sense, for its solution to detect data from AI-based IoT sensors; and Charge Amps, for its cloud-based solution that maximizes energy use in electric vehicle charging.