The first CASE CX245D SR minimum-swing radius excavator was delivered to Terrassement Berger and is already at work on a jobsite in Flémalle, Belgium. CASE Construction Equipment delivered the first CX245D SR excavator, which was very recently introduced into the brand’s D Series line-up. Customer Terrassement Berger purchased this minimum-swing radius model even before it was launched, following the advice of their trusted CASE dealer, Dannemark SA.

Terrassement Berger is a construction company based in Crisnée, near the city of Liège in Wallonie, Belgium. They specialise in earthmoving work, both in urban and extra urban jobsites. They wanted a machine that would enable them to expand the type of jobs they took on, and undertake new, bigger challenges. For this they needed a very powerful and very compact machine capable of working in densely populated areas in city centres.

Mr Xavier Dannemark of Dannemark recommended the CX245D SR for “its ability to work in tight spaces, its fuel efficiency, productivity and powerful performance. Also, I knew that the great stability, ample cab space and adjustable operator station were important for this customer.”

The all-new CX245D SR minimum-swing radius excavator is designed to provide increased digging and lifting power in confined work areas. The compact counterweight and modified boom placement minimise the machine’s footprint, making it a highly productive and manoeuvrable excavator that’s ideal for restricted conditions. With an operating weight of 26 tons and a 160 HP Tier 4 Final/Stage IV engine, it offers more bucket digging forces and lift capacity than its predecessor. The new electronically controlled pump, larger control valve and multiple sensors result in faster cycles. These features combine with the CASE Intelligent Hydraulic System and the CASE advanced energy management to make the best use of the machine’s hydraulic power and momentum, resulting in added strength, maximum power and fuel efficiency.

The new CX245D SR machine is already at work in a new build construction in Flémalle, near Liège, and Mr Berger of Terrassement Berger is delighted with the “good performance, ease of use, low cost of ownership and productivity of the machine.” In particular, he appreciates the fact that the machine is fast, powerful and with a short radius, essential requirements for the job in Flémalle, which had to be completed in a very short time. He also singled out for praise the CASE Intelligent Hydraulic System and Spool Stroke Control. “And on top of this, it looks beautiful!”

The excellent relationship with their dealer, Dannemark, is also critical for Mr Berger: “I particularly appreciate the very good service I receive from them, with fast and effective support. They also give me very good advice on financing and equipment. And the CX245D SR is an excellent example: I knew that I needed a compact machine of more or less 25 tonnes and Dannemark convinced me to work with CASE. I trusted them so much that I bought the machine before it was even launched, and I am really happy. I’m sure that I made the right choice, the machine is amazing! And next year, if the economic environment remains favourable, I will purchase new equipment and I will choose CASE.”