Analysis of customer behavior is par for the course in online retail. Even in bricks-and-mortar retail there is a growing use of technologies that analyze in-store customer flows and provide customers with added services, such as location-based information pushed to their smartphones. These technologies deliver real value to retailers, and their promise, in the form of visitor tracking, is equally great for exhibitors at trade shows. Mindful of this, HANNOVER MESSE is now the first trade fair in Europe to offer its exhibitors a digital visitor-analysis solution.

Which were the biggest attractions at the show generally and at my stand in particular? Which product showcase elicited the best response from visitors? Which presentation attracted the greatest audience attention? What percentage of the visitors at my stand were actually decision-makers? Which countries did most of my visitors come from? HANNOVER MESSE exhibitors will from now on be able to get answers to these questions and much more. At this year’s show, which runs from 1 to 5 April, visitors will for the very first time be handed little Bluetooth tags along with their badges as they pass through the entry gates.

The tags support anonymous analysis of visitor flows on the exhibition grounds and at individual stands. This kind of analysis is particularly useful for companies operating large or medium-size showcases, because as well as tracking how long visitors spend at their showcases as a whole, they will be able to analyze the performance of individual sections of their showcases. The insights gleaned can then inform post-show visitor follow-up activities and the selection of subject matter and design elements for future showcases. 

Accessing this new digital service is easy. Exhibitors can simply order it along with the other services available in the HANNOVER MESSE online shop. The technology itself is provided by WAYTATION, a Vienna-based startup. For visitors, the service is free of charge and optional.