Established in 1893, Kässbohrer is one of the leading trailer manufacturers. Kässbohrer develops the highest-quality semi-trailers that push the boundaries of innovation and builds them to last. Adhering to its motto „Enginuity”, combination of “Engineering” and “Ingenuity”, Kässbohrer offers the widest product range and proudly meet the needs of general cargo, cold chain, intermodal, construction, liquid and bulk goods transportation sectors and proudly presents the widest product range in the industry with over 1,000 unique products with versatile options.

Kässbohrer has 4 production facilities, which are located in Goch and Ulm in Germany, Tula in Russia and Adapazari.

Goch Plant operates a total area of 108.000 m2 and is the main production, after-sales service and spare parts deport for Northern Europe. Kässbohrer facility in Ulm started its operations in January 2017 and is a sales and after-sales center, as well as a production facility, serving Southern Germany, as well as neighboring countries, such as Austria, Poland and Switzerland. The Tula Plant serves as production facility as well as the main after-sales center, along with the central spare parts depot for Russia. And last but not least, Adapazari plant with a total production area of 365.000 m2 is the biggest plant serving Kässbohrer.

One of the priorities of Kässbohrer is supporting its customers and offers after sales services to its customers from its 560 locations worldwide. As a result of its customer-centric approach, Kässbohrer offers versatile after-sales services, respectively Spare Parts, Road Assistance, K-Advance Care Service Packages, K-Finance and Extended Warranty.

Kässbohrer has spare part depots located in Ulm and Goch, Germany and Lyon, France and operations are carried out diligently from those locations.

Kässbohrer Roadside Assistance for emergency services is accessible through one single number hotline. This service is available in 23 languages, 27 countries and covers 12.000 service locations and constantly open to assist its customers.

Kässbohrer offers K-Advance Care Service Packages, and extended warranty programs from 2 to 4 years – with no mileage limits to ensure that customers take care of their investments in every way. These arrangements are always open to our customers, if they need them now or in the future.

With leading leasing institutions, Kässbohrer supports its customers throughout the sales process through its K-Finance service.

Recently, Kässbohrer upgraded its website with real-time working hours of its service network. In the find us section of our website, our customers can search and learn if the service points of our 560 locations are open or not and plan accordingly.

Easy Engineering: What are the main areas of activity of the company?

Kässbohrer: With “Enginuity”, Kässbohrer develops vehicles and services to meet the unmet needs of its customers in more than 55 countries. Kässbohrer has the widest product range in Europe with 11 different product groups, including Curtainsider, Platform, Container Chassis, Swap Body, Reefer, Box, Silo, Tanker, Low-Bed and Tipper semi-trailers and Special Vehicles, and more than 1000 different products thanks to the large selection of equipment variants.

Kässbohrer’s Curtainsider series is made up of the following models: Standard, Coil, Light, Mega, Paper and Air Cargo. In addition to the various model series, it is possible to select from a number of equipment options. To provide maximum safety, Kässbohrer curtainsiders are equipped with K-Fix – a patented multipoint load securing system that ensures you can secure various forms of cargo quickly, flexibly and with the utmost reliability. Kässbohrer Curtainsider vehicles are making a difference with their robustness and strong chassis.

Kässbohrer offers Platform semi-trailers that are equipped with cutting-edge technology for heavy haulage transport. Each platform semi-trailer from Kässbohrer’s wide product portfolio is engineered for the efficient and safe transport of a wide range of materials from demolition and recycling loads to pre-fabricated parts, from concrete beams to timber and even the construction machinery itself.

Kässbohrer Container Chassis product range offers high flexibility through high mobility and makes difference with their robust design and skilled workmanship. Kässbohrer delivers chassis for container of up to 45 ft. long and with numerous feature options. Through Kässbohrer Container Chassis vehicles, the load is always optimally distributed and high maneuverability maintained and flat or gooseneck chassis with extension options allows the transportation of containers and tank containers, even in narrow inner city streets.

Kässbohrer produces highest-quality Curtainsider Swap Bodies, respectively K. SWAU C, K. SWAU C+, Light Swap Body K. SWAU CL that is the lightest Curtainsider Swap Body in the market with 7,2 tonnes of forklift axle load, and the only Light Coil Swap Body with 45 ft length K.SWAU CC, that are perfect fit for environmentally-friendly intermodal transportation.

Kässbohrer Reefer vehicles are making a difference with insulation that best suits for climate difference and enables less fuel consumption; and robustness that enables longer vehicle lifetime and better Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Kässbohrer Plywood Box Trailer provides robustness to your fleet with its durable high-strength chassis for challenging road conditions. Moreover, K.SBT provides safer transportation, protects goods, and provides a longer lifetime.

Kässbohrer is one of the leading European manufacturers of tipping and non-tipping silo semi-trailers. Kässbohrer continuously invests its resources to carry the lightest silo title in the market. Its tipping system consists of a five-step hydraulic cylinder, a lifting capacity of 150 bar pressure and a maximum loading capacity of 90 m³. Tipping silos come in six different capacities such as 40 m³, 45 m³, 50 m³, 60 m³, 63 m³ and 90 m³. Non-tipping silos come in six different capacities such as 31 m³, 35 m³, 38 m³ and 40 m³.

For the safe transportation of dangerous goods, Kässbohrer offers broad range of options for tank semi-trailers. Kässbohrer 30 m³, 32 m³ and 39 m³ tank semi-trailers are optimized for different requirements and manufactured from either stainless steel or aluminum. In addition, tankers are offered with insulation and heating options depending on the kind of cargo and are delivered in compliance with ADR and ATP regulation, as well as HACCP standards.

Kässbohrer offers extendable and non-extendable standard Low-Bed semi-trailers from three axles up to six axles. Hydraulic low-beds with extendable and non-extendable chassis from three up to eight hydraulic axles. Low-loader series provides more loading height and you can choose models with two or three hydraulic steering axles.

Kässbohrer offers steel and aluminum Tipper for the construction sector. Kässbohrer Steel Tipper K.SKS offers high abrasion resistance with the use of HB450 quality steel and ensures fast unloading through unique ‘V’ form on the floor. K.SKS with 2 axles can carry 1 ton more than conventional 2 axle tippers. Kässbohrer aluminum tipper K.SKA is able to endure harsh environmental conditions such as rough roads and severe temperatures while providing low tare weights down to 4.980 kg.

E.E: What’s the news for 2020 about new products?

Kässbohrer: In 2020, Kässbohrer designed and engineered the only light coil swap body with 45 ft. length, K.SWAU CC that paves the way for more efficient coil transportation.

Before that, heavy coils were loaded onto the train with the help of 25 ft Swap Body vehicles. However, those Swap Body vehicles caused losses due to inadequate inner height and loading space in length during return freight. With 45 ft lenght K.SWAU CC, Kässbohrer enables a more efficient and robust way of transporting heavy coils. With the help of the walls inside the coil well, it is possible to carry heavy coils without the usage of stanchions that offer operational easiness and saves time. K.SWAU CC is making a difference with its robustness despite its tare weight equal to 4.500 kg that contributes to operational efficiency. As Kässbohrer is the only semi-trailer manufacturer having both KTL and Metallization facilities, K.SWAU CC’s chassis is unique – coated with KTL, as well as with partial metallization on loading points and full metallization on crane pockets.

With its continuous improvement approach, Kässbohrer will continue to implement the latest technologies into its products.

E.E: What are the ranges of traded products?

Kässbohrer: As explained detail in Question 2, Kässbohrer offers the widest product range in Europe with 11 different product groups, including Curtainsider, Platform, Container Chassis, Swap Body, Reefer, Box, Silo, Tanker, Low-Bed and Tipper semi-trailers and Special Vehicles, and more than 1000 different products thanks to the large selection of equipment variants.

E.E: What are the most innovative products marketed?

Kässbohrer: As a result of its continuous improvement approach, Kässbohrer offers innovative vehicles that are equipped with cutting-edge technology and thus is the winner of Trailer Innovation 2017 Award in Category “Safety” with Safety Bitumen Tanker K.STS SS 32 and Trailer Innovation 2019 in Category “Chassis” with Multifunctional Container Chassis K.SHG AVMH. Kässbohrer is one of the 3 companies in the world to have achieved back to back success in this most prestigious innovation award.

Innovation to meet customers’ expectations and address their operational needs is in the DNA of Kässbohrer and for more than 125 years, our designs and customer-related solutions led the transportation sector.

Kässbohrer R&D works on improving all aspects of the widest product range only Kässbohrer produces. The research encompasses product, content and material development as well as digital development.

Kässbohrer’s aim is to continue to offer the highest-quality, equipped with highest-technology vehicles according to lean manufacturing and design methodologies, starting from field research, 3D designs, prototype, testing and serial production for semi-trailer world in general cargo, cold chain, intermodal, construction, liquid and bulk goods transportation sectors through its wide product range.

E.E: What estimations do you have for 2020?

Kässbohrer: Through our heritage full of “Enginuity”, we are providing our innovative highest quality products and services according to our customers’ needs and demands. We are adapting our engineering capabilities according to the needs of the Romanian customers that are already tested and preferred by our customers in more than 55 countries.

As Kässbohrer, our target for Romania in 2020 is to continue our steady growth and to be in Top-5 of semi-trailer registrations by increasing customer satisfaction and building long-term relationships. As the Romanian transport sector grows, we will continue to offer cutting edge technology products to Romanian transporters, including special vehicles such as Low-Bed, Tanker and Silo vehicles among our the widest product range.

With this aim, Kässbohrer continuously increases its after-sales services network in Europe and enhances its processes through regular training and controls.

With the power of its broad after-sales services, Kässbohrer will continue to support its Romanian customers and offer them the highest-quality vehicles and services.