KD SERIES is the new line of generating sets equipped for the fi rst time with state of the art KOHLER diesel engines. These generating sets benefit from unprecedented power density, making the KD SERIES the ideal range to meet your most exacting requirements. Ranging from 800 kVA/kWe to 4200 kVA /4 000 KWe, they are perfectly suited to all industrial applications. Moreover, they benefi t from KOHLER-SDMO quality service throughout the world. The KOHLER Group has been a global provider of energy solutions since 1920. Its emergency power supply, main power supply and energy management systems excel throughout the world and across all sectors.

For each of its generating sets, KOHLER-SDMO offers a large range of options to facilitate maintenance operations, enhance user safety and provide solutions for specific user requirements or demanding environments.

DIESEL SEPARATOR PRE-FILTER – This is a filter enabling water contained in the diesel to be removed, thereby improving the engine’s protection.


CARTRIDGE – These dry air filters with removable and interchangeable cartridge for dusty environments can be removed and cleaned with blown air. This option is required when the generating set is used in dusty environments.

OVERSIZED ALTERNATOR – For installations with significant electrical constraints, this option ensures improved performance.

K135 – FROM 800 TO 1800 kVA

  • Latest generation engine technology
  • The best fuel consumption in its category
  • A more compact design
  • A large power range covered by a single product family
  • A direct-fi t radiator for a small footprint and a complete solution
  • Superior transient response
  • A design that optimises performance at high temperature
  • Enclosure installation possible up to 1100 kVA emergency and in 20-foot container up to 1800 kVA emergency
  • Low sound level

K175 – FROM 2000 TO 2800 kVA

  • Latest generation engine technology
  • The best fuel consumption in its category
  • A more compact design
  • Large power range covered by a single product family
  • Separate cooling for smoother installation
  • Up to 2800 kVA emergency power in our 40-foot CPU container, the best-performing container on the market in terms of sound level and accessibility for operation and maintenance
  • A design adapted to the most demanding applications and environments



– D-type: for tropical type environments with relative humidity > 95%, excluding coastal environments

– R-type: for harsh industrial environments with humidity level > 95% and coastal environments

SILENCER IN OPEN VERSION – For “open” version generating sets, 3 noise reduction levels are available to meet the constraints of various installations: 9 dB(A), 29 dB(A) et 40 dB(A).

OIL CENTRIFUGE (EN19 ONLY FOR K175 SERIES) – This allows the maintenance interval to be increased from 500 hours to 1500 hours (depending on the oil quality).

AUTOMATIC OIL MAKE UP WITH TANK – Automatic oil make up system enabling a constant oil level to be maintained in the crankcase during operation. It comprises a new oil reserve, an oil level regulator and a hose and valve assembly mounted on the generating set’s base frame.



This kit allows the fuel tank to be automatically fi lled from an external storage tank. It includes:

– an electric pump with automatic control governed by a gauge with level contacts

– a manual back-up pump.

It can be used for extended periods of time without topping up the diesel. It is therefore particularly well-suited to remote locations.


You are faced with numerous installation constraints. Our containers can be adapted to meet all your needs. Thanks to their standard dimensions, they are easy to transport. Our turnkey containers have an integrated fuel tank which means they are ready to run. Their coolant systems, with an integrated silencer and sound traps, provide a highly economical solution.

– ISO CONTAINERS are adapted to emergency applications with no harsh environmental constraints.

– CPU CONTAINERS are designed to be adapted to the most demanding environments. Robust and modular, they are specially conceived to meet the very stringent constraints of production applications.



KOHLER-SDMO offers a unique range of specific control units: M80-D, TELYS and APM802. These control units offer a wide range of possibilities, from simplified running to management of the most complex parallel operations, and can be adapted to suit every need. This modularity is made even easier by the fact that each optional peripheral device (air cooler, daily service tank, oil make up, etc.) has its own protection.