KD SERIES is the new line of generating sets equipped for the first time with state of the art KOHLER diesel engines. These generating sets benefit from unprecedented power density, making the KD SERIES the ideal range to meet your most exacting requirements. Ranging from 800 kVA/kWe to 4200 kVA /4 000 KWe, they are perfectly suited to all industrial applications. Moreover, they benefit from KOHLER-SDMO quality service throughout the world.

The KOHLER Group has been a global provider of energy solutions since 1920. Its emergency power supply, main power supply and energy management systems excel throughout the world and across all sectors. As the 3rd biggest global player on the market, KOHLER-SDMO now designs its own generating set engines. It has drawn on its experience of generating sets to develop the ideal KOHLER engine in each power category. KOHLER-SDMO perfectly manages the production cycle (engineering, tests, maintenance, etc.), pushing it to its highest possible standard.


KOHLER-SDMO, the best energy solutions on the market

From offshore drilling platforms to extreme desert conditions, from building sites to the most demanding industries, KOHLER-SDMO generating sets are proving their reliability and performance. They have made the company one of the top global manufacturers, consolidating its leadership every day through the structure of an international group.

Focusing exclusively on generating sets, KOHLER-SDMO now offers the widest range on the market. The local service provided by its distribution network means it can supply power to anyone, any time, anywhere. In addition to its role as an industrial manufacturer of generating sets, KOHLER-SDMO is now positioning itself as a serious energy supplier.

National coverage, international presence

In order for KOHLER-SDMO to continue to grow and meet the needs of new markets, it relies on: 8 sales offices and 3 regional divisions in France. And internationally: a distribution network present, in over 150 countries, 6 subsidiaries and 8 offices. The responsiveness of the company is also based on its development of 6 storage platforms which, in co-operation with the subsidiaries, constitute an effi cient commercial network. In addition, KOHLER and SDMO facilities – now operating as KOHLER-SDMO – are working productively in tandem to offer you an even better service.


KOHLER-SDMO innovation integrated in the kd series range

KOHLER-SDMO invests heavily in Research & Development, with a view to anticipating demand and offering you the most innovative and high-performance energy solutions on the market.

Engineering and design offices with expertise in the latest technical developments

The engineering and design offices design products inspired by market trends, guided by the marketing department. These teams undergo continuous training in the latest 3D modelling, structural and stress calculation tools and thermodynamic and acoustic simulations.


State of the art laboratory

KOHLER-SDMO invests in state of the art technologies to develop customised products and solutions. Thanks to their world-renowned expertise, every day our teams optimise the performance of generating sets and their components. Our independent laboratory conforms to the latest requirements and benefits from specialist infrastructures that cover an area of 2,000 sqm.