Telehandlers from Kramer-Werke GmbH are distinguished by their continuous technical enhancement, the latest features and powerful engines that comply with EU exhaust emission level V. The broad product range is complemented by increased comfort, work-load reduction thanks to operator assistance systems, a variety of options and an attractive selection of attachments enabling flexible application.

The Kramer brand is synonymous with innovative and customer-oriented product development, which is also true of the new telehandler models. In addition to the legally required engine versions compliant with EU exhaust emission level V, it primarily fulfils customer requirements, with work-load reduction and comfort being paramount, with the aim of providing machines for professional application in construction, industry or recycling, for example. In this context, virtually the whole product range boasts a range of new features and is now available to order.

Efficient compact genius – now with EU exhaust emission level V

The compact models 2205 and 2706 comply with the latest EU exhaust emission level V. The 2205, with a payload of 2.2 tonnes, is fitted with a Perkins 45 kW engine. The 2706, with a payload of 2.7 tonnes, is built with a Kohler 55 kW engine. Exhaust gas is treated by a Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) and a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF). The compact telehandlers are set to impress with their unique combination of lift height, width and machine performance as well as a perfect interplay of powerful engine output and high manoeuvrability. Stacking and transport work is quick and easy in even the tightest of spaces. The low overall height overcomes any problems in working in underground car parks, for example. Likewise, the sensitive work hydraulics enable precise working, quick loading cycles and the possibility of completing various movements in parallel at any time.

Efficient and multitalented – now with EU exhaust emission level V

The 3007, 3507, 4007, 4507, 5007 and 4209 models continue to be fitted with the TCD 3.6 engine with 100 kilowatt / 136 HP output, which complies with the latest EU exhaust emission level V. For this purpose, exhaust gas is treated with a with DOC and SCR and will be supplemented with a DPF as standard. The 5507 and 5509 models with a payload of 5.5 tonnes, are fitted with the Deutz TCD 4.1 engine with level V and 115 kilowatt / 156 HP as standard. With a lift height of 7-9 metres, the new exhaust emission level V and innovative features, this all-round talent is impressive in a range of applications. A variable drive system, cleverly designed maintenance access points and the ergonomic and functional cab ensure stress-free working and a high level of operator comfort.

Everything in view outside

The view of the work area is a crucial consideration for telehandlers. Kramer now offers various options for optimal all-round visibility. To customise machines to suit individual application conditions, there are two options available for the compact models with a payload between 3 and 4 tonnes (3007 to 4007). For low clearance heights and narrow passageways, the vehicle with the standard cab is the ideal choice. The vehicle’s height of 2.31 metres, which can be reduced to 2.26 metres if fitted with 20-inch tyres, poses no problem when working in confined spaces. If the maximum vehicle height is not a limiting factor, there is an option available for a 20cm-raised cab for optimal all-round visibility, particularly to the right hand side. In addition to this improved all-round visibility, this cab option also features a diesel tank with 20-litres additional capacity. As well as the cab, the FOPS screen, protecting the operator against falling objects, has been optimised to the ideal line-of-sight, thanks to the fan-like arrangement of the individual braces of the external screen, which are precisely aligned with the angle of the operator’s eye as it looks out of the cab. This gives an unimpeded view of the attachment and thus facilitates safe, focused working, even when the loader unit is raised. The visually optimised external FOPS protective grating is part of the standard equipment for performance classes from 4507 to 5509 and for models with a payload of 3 to 4 tonnes, the raised cab is available as an option.

Comfortable, flexible working with Kramer

A recess in the cabin floor and the step arrangement designed like stairs ensures optimised cabin entry for all vehicles in the 7-9 metre class, significantly improving safety and comfort, particularly if the operator needs to get in and out of the cab repeatedly during the course of their working day. For a lower level of cab noise, and thus a more pleasant working environment, a silence pump has been fitted to the steering hydraulics, which reduces noise levels in the cabs of models 3007 to 5509 to just 72 decibels (A). The current model updates also include the introduction of an optional left armrest for greater comfort, e.g. for longer periods of road driving. In addition to the aforementioned comfort features, standard models in the range of 3007 to 5509 score additional points with a fourth steering mode, known as “flexible crab steering”. This blocks the rear axle, whilst the front axle remains freely mobile – a clear advantage when it comes to flexibility in all jobs, whether along trenches, walls or hedges. The Smart Handling operator assistance system with its three functional modes also ensures swift completion of work and greater safety. The joystick attached to the operator’s seat in models 4507 to 5509 enables even greater ergonomic operation in everyday use. The famous, sturdy Kramer quickhitch plate ensures that attachments for this machine can be changed quickly and efficiently.

The versatile and powerful 4407 telehandler becomes the 4507

To enable us to better fulfil our customers requirements, the performance of the new 4507 has also been modified. As well as the 100 kilogram increase, taking the payload to to 4.5 tonnes, the ecospeedPRO – transmission is now available as an option for maximum driving dynamics with its combination of pushing power and 40 km/h top speed. The vehicle is designed for high handling capacity as transverse forces are absorbed by the lateral support of the telescopic arm when pushing with a lowered boom.

Further highlights include an additional storage compartment, the enhancement of the convenient option of the rearview mirror including mobile phone holder with two additional USB ports and larger maintenance covers on the engine tray, which in future will be possible to be opened easily and quickly using just two screws and no tools. All these features contribute to comfortable flexible working with a Kramer telehandler. The new Kramer models with EU exhaust emission V are versatile and powerful machines for the greatest demands in construction, industry and recycling.