The New Trade Exhibition for Logistics and Transports in Thessaloniki

A new trade show event for the logistics and transport sector is being launched, in April 2024, in Thessaloniki, by O. MIND CREATIVES. The new exhibition called ‘LOGISTICS & TRANSPORTS THESSALONIKI EXPO’ will be held at TEF-HELEXPO, the International Exhibition Center of Thessaloniki, on April 11-13, 2024, with a strongly extroverted character and a Balkan orientation.

The organization, aiming to bring together the neighbouring countries that have systematic cooperation with North Greece in terms of export trade and logistics, is planning a trade show and conference event that will focus on the connection and further cooperation of these countries, with a focus on Thessaloniki, as a city hub. 

Transport & logistics companies, ports and forwarding companies, rail and road transport, warehouse equipment, lifting machines, racking and automation, IT and commercial vehicles will be the sectors covered in the trade show.

A significant number of businesses from Greece and the Balkan countries, chambers, professional associations, and the State have expressed their interest in this new event and intend to participate, strengthening such an important event that will take place in Thessaloniki. After all, the exhibition event will also be supported by the conference brand LOGI.C, already well known, and recognized by its market for over a decade.

The organizing company O. MIND CREATIVES, has 20 years of experience in organizing exhibitions and is specializing in the field of communication for the supply chain market. It organizes -since 2007- the successful exhibition SUPPLY CHAIN & LOGISTICS in Athens and publishes its most valid magazine Market Supply Chain & Logistics, which guarantees the success of the exhibition inside and outside the borders of our country.

The logistics and transport market of Greece and the Balkans gives an appointment in April 2024, in Thessaloniki.

The exhibition will be held on 11-13 Αpril 2024 at TIF-HELEXPO.