The event opens registration for its new edition, where more than 450 experts from all over the world will meet in Bilbao from 16 to 18 April

F4F – Expo Foodtech 2024 will also address topics such as new consumer demands, food safety and the introduction of new-generation ingredients

From 16 to 18 April, Bilbao (Spain) will host the fourth edition of Food 4 Future – Expo Foodtech 2024. The event has opened registration for all those professionals from the food and beverage industry who want to learn about the solutions, strategies and success stories that are currently transforming the sector. A meeting point that will also serve to share experiences with more than 450 experts from all over the world who will participate.

Technology in food production and preservation will be one of the main topics of the new edition of the Food 4 Future World Summit. The conference will share advances in precision agriculture, sustainable practices and preservation technologies and the impact of generative AI and Big Data on the food supply chain. It will also explore how robotics and automation technologies can transform plant operations with a focus on the strategic integration of robotics to improve efficiency, reduce operating costs and increase productivity in food processing plants.

Improving efficiency in food production is key in the current inflationary environment, where rising costs can lead to higher prices and, consequently, lower consumption. In this context, industry experts will discuss the inflationary environment and falling consumption, and how fostering resilience, innovation and collaborative efforts is key to ensuring sustained success in a constantly evolving food sector. The complex interplay of geopolitical factors and economic considerations shaping the global food security landscape, with a particular focus on Europe, will also be analyzed by examining regional challenges and opportunities, such as the impact of climate change, resource allocation and trade dynamics.

COOs from leading companies in the food industry will also address the challenges and trends shaping the future of the sector: from the impact of technological innovation and sustainability imperatives to the disruption caused by global developments and changing consumer preferences.

New consumers, new ingredients

The new marketing channels, digital platforms and innovative business models have changed the way that the consumers interact with food brands. Marketing managers will analyze the evolution of consumer behavior and preferences, as well as the impact of technological advances on outreach strategies. In addition, they will discuss the perception and status of local brands versus global brands and private labels.

The Food 4 Future World Summit will also address food safety in a changing world and the successful incorporation of new-generation ingredients with real and successful cases that will help those responsible for each area to make decisions in favor of the processes developed in their companies. 

Forums focused on packaging and food logistics

This year, Food 4 Future – Expo Foodtech will be held simultaneously with Pick&Pack for Food Industry, the only event in Spain specializing in packaging and logistics solutions for the food industry. That is why the event will host two new forums such as the National Packaging 4.0 Congress, which will provide a new vision on the latest innovations in the packaging industry, and the European Logistics Summit 2024, where the latest developments, trends, success stories and most disruptive ideas of the moment will be presented to take logistics systems to the next level of productivity.