Murat Simsir, former Head of Sales and Project Management, has been the Chief Sales Officer (CSO) at Montech since January 1, 2024. With more than two decades of dedication and outstanding performance for Montech, Murat Simsir will assist with the company’s strategic management. 

After almost 25 years at Montech, Murat Simsir became CSO at the beginning of the year, assuming overall responsibility for the marketing department and for the further development of marketing orientation and positioning. In his new role, he will ensure that Montech continues to grow and achieve its revenue goals.

Customer-oriented and business-oriented focus 

Murat Simsir brings to this role his many years’ experience in technical sales and e-commerce. He recognizes customer needs quickly. Together with his expert and dynamic team, he develops custom and economical solutions for customers around the world in many different industries. As a link between the sales and marketing departments, he is committed to understanding and meeting their mutual needs so that sales and marketing can operate even more efficiently.

Trends and innovations are the core

“I am delighted that I can now participate in strategic events together with my longtime, esteemed colleagues Daniel Pauli (CEO) and Remo Studer (CFO),” says Murat Simsir. To this end, he would like to continue to focus on innovation and develop the company’s successful sales strategy, for standing still means moving backwards. The pace of products has accelerated in recent years. Producers therefore have to make their production facilities pay off in a much shorter time than they did ten years ago. This fast pace places dynamic demands on component and system suppliers. “As a CSO, I therefore have to recognize market needs and developments early on and immediately incorporate, develop, and take the appropriate measures at the company,” explains Murat Simsir. 

Strengthen Montech as a technology and price leader

The new CSO is passionate about expanding and advancing Montech’s market position as a technology and price leader in conveying and framing technology: “Montech should continue to maintain its leading price-performance ratio in the European and American regions and be a trend setter in terms of technology,”says Murat Simsir. “The focus is and will remain on conveying and framing technology. To this end, we will expand our product range and further develop Montech as an innovator in order to expand and retain our lead.”