Bosch is extending its range of saber saw blades with carbide technology with the addition of three new problem solvers: “Endurance for Vehicle Rescue”, “Endurance for Heavy Metal” and “Endurance for Window Demolition”. All blades have individually welded carbide teeth which are extremely wear-resistant and prove themselves even in the toughest applications. They can cut high-strength and ultra-high-strength steel and offer a significantly wider range of applications along with new areas of use which conventional bi-metal blades have so far been unable to cover. At the same time, the new blades have a life-time which is up to 20 times longer than bi-metal saw blades. With a thickness of 1.35 or 1.25 mm they are 50 or 40 percent thicker than comparable saw blades and, thus, particularly strong. Their carbide technology ensures that this stability is accompanied with high flexibility: Since only the very front tooth tips are made of carbide, the saw blade remains flexible and can withstand bending loads, for example in demolition applications.