Award in the “Hydrogen Bus” category for alternative drive solution. Hybrid concept “HyRange®” with emission-free hydrogen fuel cells.

For the fifth time in a row, trade magazine “busplaner” of the renowned mobility publisher “HUSS” ( has awarded the “International busplaner Sustainability Award” for outstanding sustainable achievements. During a ceremonial event at the digital special edition of “BUS2BUS” by “Messe Berlin”, winners in 13 categories were honored whose products and services have high potential for the bus industry. With regard to its cleantech developments for environmentally friendly transport, the hydrogen fuel cell expert “Proton Motor Fuel Cell GmbH” ( is very pleased and also proud of the award in the “Hydrogen Bus” category. Manfred Limbrunner, as Sales and Marketing Director of the Bavarian company, was able to personally receive the “International busplaner Sustainability Award 2021” from Andreas Haller (CEO/Quantron AG) at the award ceremony in the German capital.

Range extender system for buses and commercial vehicles

Proton Motor was specifically awarded for climate-neutral innovation performance in alternative drive solutions with regard to its hybrid concept of the range extender system “HyRange®” for range enhancement. Developed for battery-electric buses or commercial vehicles, the product is an effective support for applications where the existing battery capacity is not sufficient to meet operating requirements. Due to the possibility of its flexible production, primarily from renewable resources, hydrogen in particular is seen as having great potential and a key function as a central component of the energy supply of the future. It therefore makes sense to combine hydrogen as an energy source in the mobility sector with fuel cells.

Manfred Limbrunner (Proton Motor) receives the busplaner Award 2021 from Andreas Haller (Quantron AG)_(c) André Baschlakow

In addition to the use of the emission-free hydrogen fuel cell as the main power supply in the vehicle’s drivetrain, there are various other hybrid concepts in which a fuel cell is combined with a battery. In concrete terms, this means that the energy required for the drive comes mainly from the battery. In particular, the load peaks occurring during acceleration are thus made available to the electric motor. The fuel cell in turn ensures that the battery is constantly charged with the electrical energy from the converted hydrogen. As a result, the vehicle’s base load –depending on the design – can be provided by the hydrogen rather than by the battery. The “HyRange®” system has proven its worth as an “on-board battery charger” and is currently being integrated in refuse collection vehicles by “E-Trucks Europe b.v.” in the context of the EU funding project “REVIVE” (Refuse Vehicle Innovation and Validation in Europe).


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