With increasing traffic IPs, data digitization, the widespread use of mobile devices and cloud web development, companies are becoming increasingly dependent on data centers to protect strategic information or for hosting servers. Aiming to ensure high performance and availability data center optimization, security systems are more advanced and offer superior protection, a temperature-controlled environment, a fire prevention system and security access.

Power can be supplied by external sources and be completed by several energy storage systems (static or dynamic) and / or generators. The aim is powering the systems using the no-break principle. In order to avoid interruptions in power supply, electrical components, including emergency systems are installed in a redundant system. The servers considered essential, are also powered by a system that uses two independent power sources within the data center.

The climate control system is accurate and stable

The temperature should be kept stable at about 20 degrees Celsius. This is done with the help of conventional air conditioning or optional with water cooling systems.

Fire protection

In order to prevent fire, there are ultra-sophisticated detection facilities that ensure the maximum level of isolation. If, in spite of prevention system, an event occurs, it will be immediately neutralized by using an inert gas or water containing micro particles of nitrogen.


Design, commissioning and use of data centers are only a few of the significant number of challenges for owners and operators of installations. The biggest challenge is undoubtedly modality storage facilities that operate continuously 365 days a year, given the fact that a time-out will lead to substantial loss of revenue.

The main purpose of SDMO is to overcome these challenges. The company’s long experience in the energy sector, especially in developing products and services for data centers means offering flexible solutions with unrivaled reliability.

Installation requirements TIER IV:

– Capacity data center subsystem: redundant capacity;

– Number of generators: dual power;

– Generator applications: not limited to a number of consecutive hours of operation under continuous loading and variable;

– Fuel storage: 12 hours for each generator.

SDMO strengths:

– Massive investments in research and development.

– Modern electronic systems to allow automatic start, synchronization and uninterrupted transition between the network and standby systems.

– New developments in engine performance and pollution permit the use of electrical installations with an extremely low level of pollution.

– 150 engineers and technicians in support of customers, from equipment design to the end of the equipment life.

– A worldwide network of distribution and service confirming that SDMO is close to its customers.

Complete SDMO solutions

– System control / command: APM802 has been tested in the toughest conditions (IP65, vibration, heat, etc.). HMI is designed jointly with a company specializing in interaction design.


– System adapted for the most demanding environments.

– System for limiting the risk of errors.

– Specially designed interface, intuitive and ergonomic.

– Access Levels adapted to operators and specialists.

High availability system with a ring redundant communication between equipment:

– Ethernet or optical fiber.

– No impact in the case of faults in one of the first equipment.

– System Data and secure external access.

– Patented Technology tested.

– Improving communication: faster, more accurate, better connected and more data.

Reference project:

One of the largest data center projects in France – 11,000 square meters of data processing rooms with a total consumption of 32 MW – equivalent to a city with a population of 25,000 inhabitants:

– 7 X2500C generators.

– Engines: MTU 16V4000G63.

– Sound level: regulated: 75 dB (A) at 1 m.

– Equipment mounted on the roof.

– 2 hours fire resistance.


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