SDMO engineering services benefit from the expertise the company has developed since its creation and its extensive experience in France and internationally in creating electricity production plants. The 80 engineers and technicians who make up the engineering department are able to compile all the constraints in a specification, analyze them and offer each of our customers an individual solution matched by relevant and innovative recommendations. The pragmatic approach implemented by these power generator professionals ensures the highest standards in dealing with each request. SDMO Industries is therefore able to respond to multiple power supply requirements in the most varied fields of activity.

Turnkey energy production

Telecommunications, military equipment, standby gensets for hospitals, power plants. From the simplest to the most complex of installations, SDMO’s engineering department channels all its energy into finding solutions for all the cases presented to it, whatever the energy requirement. Its international experience and the boldest electric power plants all over the globe testify to this.

SDMO Engineering is a team of 80 engineers and technicians who work as 3 design departments to carry projects through to their installation, while ensuring full compliance with the specifications.

In the electric, the distribution and the automatism fields, SDMO Industries can rely on the expertise and the experience of its sister-society Soreel. This double competence enables to propose a complete offer which covers all the stages of the energy supply, from the production to the distribution.




Production power plants in the middle of the desert, standby gensets for hospitals, telecoms installations… SDMO generating sets can be adapted to suit a wide range of applications, from the very simple to the most complex, while meeting the relevant requirements (sound level, dimensions, environmental constraints, economic constraints, etc.).

Our long-standing experience in the telecoms sector has enabled us to develop more economical telecoms solutions with lower fuel consumption and pollutant emissions, as well as significantly reduced operating costs. Based on hybrid technology, this new solution combines numerous energy sources. Twinned with alternative electricity production applications, the generating set can help protect the environment.

SDMO brings you solutions adapted to each situation, environment and budget, with the assurance that all its solutions can be modified and sized to your specifications.

Military applications

As part of their general and public service duties, the French Army has at its disposal SDMO multi-purpose generating sets.

Indispensable for the running of a mobile hospital or supplying support units and computer systems in military camps with electricity, our generating sets are also fitted in command vehicles, reconnaissance vehicles, personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles.


Use in hospitals

In current times, power cuts in hospitals can have serious consequences. Although such failures are not a common occurrence, they represent a risk which all healthcare institutions must be prepared for. Furthermore, to prevent all possible incidents, regulation requires all such institutions to be equipped with an autonomous and storable back-up energy source. The efforts made to meet with these obligations have resulted in the generalization of standby generating sets in medical institutions.

Both in France and throughout the world, a large number of clinics and hospitals are equipped with SDMO generating sets, able to provide an electricity supply around the clock in the event of a mains power failure.

Continually seeking innovation to satisfy markets

The Engineering department offers complete solutions which comply with professionals’ requirements and realities. SDMO is constantly seeking innovation, a factor of vital importance in guaranteeing perfect fulfilment of demands, especially in terms of compliance with international standards. Inspired by our customers’ demands, the Engineering department is dedicated to the research and development of technical evolutions in response to the constraints encountered: need for a reduction in noise levels, a drastic decrease in pollutant emission levels, ability to operate in extreme climatic conditions, management of environmental constraints (humidity, sandstorms, etc.).


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