With the expansion and progress of the ICT sector, the challenges of ICT related companies are also getting more demanding, out of which the recruitment of high-quality human staff stands out. Therefore, from November 7th to 9th in Novi Sad, Serbia, in cooperation with experts from Development Center, we offer a unique HR service free of charge for exhibitors and sponsors of SEE-IT Summit who are looking for adequate employees.

Industry representatives will be given the opportunity to familiarize themselves with previously carefully selected, motivated candidates that meet their needs. During all 3 days of the Summit, they will have the opportunity to interview those candidates, after which they choose those with whom they want to continue cooperation. All of this, without investing time and effort in advertising, recruiting, selection, calling candidates and scheduling interviews, since as a partner in the whole process, will do this part of the job –  says Marija Pavić, the CEO of Development Center.

At the same time, candidates for the job will have the opportunity to contact potential employers, to meet them at the Summit and ask questions about future employment, thus gaining an image of the employers with whom they would like to cooperate in the future. Candidates can apply for more than one position/company at a time of registration and thereby increase their chances of finding the right job opportunity at the Summit. In order to get this exclusive HR service, all that employers need to do is fill out the HR form, or send a request to, while interested candidates can send their applications through the form that soon will be published on

The unique selection service that will implement at the Summit is a response to the growing need for quality IT staff on one hand and the need to find an adequate employer in IT enterprisesd, on the other. Our common goal is to find a “win-win” solution this way and bring together the right candidates with the right employer, for mutual satisfaction – says Tanja Petrović, project manager at ResEnva Consulting, a company which organize SEE-IT Summit.

More information about HR service can be found at our blog page.