When it is a question of environmental awareness, EC fans are the best choice. In order to meet the requirements of diverse applications, SEPA EUROPE has now included Fulltech EC fans of 80 mm, 92 mm, 120 mm and 172 mm in its product range. These new EC fans offer numerous advantages and are used for example in fast-charging stations, control cabinets and LED display panels. 

The important difference between EC fans and conventional AC fans is their technology. EC fans have a brushless DC fan with a permanent magnet in the rotor and copper coils in the stator. The commutation is via an IC with a Hall sensor on the PCB. Thanks to this progressive technology the EC fans provide a modern and efficient solution for a wide range of applications as the current consumption is significantly lower when compared with conventional AC fans.

The new EC fans can be equipped with a wide range input which allows them to be used not only in Europe but also in North America. In order to meet the requirements of a challenging environment the EC fans can be supplied with the protection rating IP55 and IP68 according to the specific customer requirements. These protection ratings ensure a consistent performance even under the most adverse conditions. A further special feature of this range of fans is the Atex certification which proves that they are safe to use in applications with explosive and highly flammable media. 

EC fans by Fulltech offer a modern solution for companies that are looking for powerful, efficient and adaptable fans for a wide range of applications. These highly efficient and robust fans are the ideal choice for all applications in which inflexible and energy-hungry AC fans have become a thing of the past.