Showcasing CASE IH and CASE contributions to ‘Feeding the Planet Energy for Life’

As part of CNH Industrial’s involvement, Case IH Agriculture Equipment and Case Construction Equipment are featured in US EXPO pavilion in Milano / ‘Spirit of Farming’ as lead theme to showcase the role of agricultural equipment for modern farming / Concise presentation of solutions for ever growing demands

At the EXPO in Milano this year, it is not the latest Case IH tractors and combines or even Case excavators and dozers which are used as eye-catchers in a static display. Societies at large being the target group of EXPO, tools are different – whilst the key messages remain. They are about efficient agriculture, infrastructure and creating understanding for the role of agriculture and agricultural engineering in ‘Feeding the Planet Energy for Life’. “Citizens in urban areas often lack the links between the food they consume on the one hand and agriculture as primary producer on the other, and the journey food travels to the table. For EXPO, we have therefore chosen brief videos tackling scenes from everyday farm life to make consumers more aware of where their food comes from – and how agricultural engineering and infrastructure contribute. For CNH Industrial, sustainability is not just a series of technological innovations – it is also about transforming our industrial ambition into social ambitions, as we strive to promote wealth and quality of life for all”, says Case IH Brand President Andreas Klauser.

Spirit of Farming
With both Case IH and Case, CNH Industrial will be featured as the exclusive agriculture and construction equipment sponsor of the USA Pavilion to demonstrate their support of farmers and agricultural industry at large. In addition to the videos which are frequently repeated in different locations of the US pavilion, the presence includes pictures and impressions highlighting the important role of both brands in modern agriculture, branding of the ‘Food Truck Nation’ exhibit as well as merchandising activities.

“Feeding the earth’s population which will have grown to well over nine billion by 2050 is daunting, and therefore fighting hunger and malnutrition is one of the key tasks for mankind,” highlights Klauser. “Our role is equipping farmers with the innovative means to produce the maximum food possible – and with the least environmental effects.”

Strong and reliable partner
Case IH helps professional farmers rise to the challenges of modern farming with market leading agricultural solutions, services and innovative products including tractors, combines, balers, hay and forage equipment, utility vehicles, sugar cane harvesters, cotton pickers, coffee harvesters, tillage, seeding, planting, application, material handling and precision farming equipment.

“Supporting the USA Pavilion effort is a collection of sponsors and partners representing the most innovative companies across a diverse spectrum of industries. We’re excited to partner with both Case IH and Case brands of CNH Industrial, a leading company which plays an important role in tackling global food‐system challenges through their commitment to sustainability and innovation. I think our pavilion’s focus on innovation in the areas of food, nutrition and sustainability will spark an important conversation at the EXPO about feeding the future. We especially look forward to convening with other country pavilions at EXPO so we can together develop innovative solutions for feeding 9 billion nutritiously and sustainably,” highlights Doug Hickey, Commissioner General of the USA Pavilion at EXPO Milano 2015.


‘American Food 2.0: United to Feed the Planet’ being the lead theme, the six month exhibit features innovation and technology stories throughout the USA pavilion and programme, thus demonstrating the role of productive and environmentally friendly agriculture to the more than 20 million visitors who are expected during the World EXPO.

Farming Infrastructure
“With its full line of construction equipment, Case plays an important role in the American infrastructure sector providing complete and innovative solutions for the building industry, it supports the country’s agriculture with its line of skid steer and wheel loaders. The brand’s products are showcased at work in agricultural applications in images and videos prominently displayed around the pavilion, demonstrating these machines’ contribution to the infrastructure required to feed the country’s population”, says Chris Perkins, CNH Industrial CE Product Portfolio and Brand Marketing.

Bridging the gap
The world of farming is constantly changing, thus requiring highly innovative approaches from farmers and manufacturers of agricultural equipment alike. “For us, these changes go far beyond the development and manufacturing of world-leading agricultural machinery for the efficient and environmentally friendly production of food, feed and fibre. These changes also imply the need to increasingly communicate with consumers about the core of our business. That is why we also understand and value merchandise activities as a bridge between our business and society: It is through tractor models and other merchandise that kids get into contact with agricultural motives and equipment, thus acquiring ‘take away’ experiences which provide lasting positive links to agriculture,“ explains Andreas Klauser, the brand’s EXPO presentations.