The selected startups will have the opportunity to present their solutions to leading food industry companies and investors at the Food 4 Future – Foodtech Expo

This year, the Foodtech Startup Forum will also host the presentation about disruptive projects in packaging, logistics and intralogistics

The new edition of Food 4 Future – Expo Foodtech and Pick&Pack for Food Industry, which will be held simultaneously, will return to Bilbao, Spain, from 16 to 18 April 2024. For three days both events will bring together the most innovative startups with solutions for the food industry, which will have the opportunity to present their projects to leading companies in the sector and investors.

This year, as a novelty, the Foodtech Startup Forum, which already has three editions held in F4F – Expo Foodtech, will host presentations about logistics and packaging projects for the food industry. More than 200 new startups are expected to participate in this forum, which aims to develop innovation ecosystems around the food industry value chain. From all the applications, a committee of experts will select the 60 most innovative startups, which will be able to present their projects to investment funds and leading companies in the sector during the three days of F4F – Expo Foodtech and Pick&Pack. 

All those startups that want to present their projects, solutions or revolutionary business models for the food and beverage sector can submit their application to the Foodtech Startup Forum until March 8, 2024.

The categories that divide the Food Tech Startup Forum presentations will be: Agrotech, Industry 4.0, Automation, Refrigeration and Climate, Food Processing, Food Packaging, and Food Science. As usual, the selected start-ups will be direct candidates for the Foodtech Innovation Awards 2024.

The Foodtech Startup Forum is an authentic knowledge platform to promote entrepreneurship and the most disruptive innovation projects based on technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, blockchain, IIoT or data analytics. Also, solutions that help transform food industry production plants towards greener, more sustainable, technological and digital factories or the latest in robotics and automation of packaging and logistics processes. 

Thanks to the Foodtech Startup Forum, selected startups will be able to meet with corporate ventures, international technology clusters and the food industry. In addition, they will also have contact with government agencies, clusters and associations, universities and technology and innovation centres, incubators and accelerators, so that they can establish synergies.

A long list of award-winning innovative solutions

The Foodtech Startup Forum has been rewarding the most innovative startups in the food sector. In the previous edition, the awards were given to startups such as Bio2cat, for its innovative solution that increases the shelf life of food, helping it to maintain its physical, nutritional and sensory characteristics for longer, or Bioprocesia, a startup that has developed technologies and processes that enable more efficient and sustainable production, guaranteeing food safety and care for the environment. Last year the Foodtech Startup Forum also rewarded Plant on Demand, an agritech startup that has revolutionized the way fresh food is produced and distributed, enabling more efficient and sustainable production; Fliwer, a company that has developed technological solutions to improve energy efficiency in the food industry with a significant reduction in costs and environmental impact; Vision Quality, a startup dedicated to automation, robotics and industry 4.0, and Ingradalia thanks to its deep understanding of food science and its innovative products and processes that improve food quality and safety.