Traxit Wire Lubrication, a brand of Klüber Lubrication GmbH, is the first company in the world to receive vegan certification for dry drawing lubricants, setting a new standard in the wire drawing industry.

World’s first vegan certification of dry drawing compounds

Traxit was the first drawing agent manufacturer in the world to have some of its products certified by the British organisation “The Vegan Society”.

This means that Traxit Wire Lubrication, as the world’s leading drawing agent manufacturer and upstream supplier for spring production, can support its customers in two areas:

  1. Supporting its customers in achieving their own sustainability and ethical goals
  2. Supporting its customers in opening up new business areas, especially in the production of vegan mattresses and upholstered furniture

International certification through the vegan trademark “Vegan Trademark”

International certification is carried out by the British organisation The Vegan Society. The organisation has been carrying out certifications since 1990 with the aim of improving the transparency of vegan products. Over 65,000 certified products from the areas of food, cosmetics, clothing and much more are available worldwide. The trademark gives customers security and companies the opportunity to differentiate themselves from the competition.

Sustainability and ethics are of central importance

The certification once again emphasises the importance of the key issues of sustainability and ethics for companies. Traxit thus supports its customers in pursuing their company-specific sustainability and ethical goals.

Vegan products in furniture production

The focus of vegan products in the private sphere is on vegan food, vegan clothing and vegan cosmetics. Vegan products do not contain any animal ingredients or components. Important reasons for this are the avoidance of animal suffering and the improvement of personal health.

3d layered sheet material mattress with air fabric, coil spring, natural latex, memory foam isolated on blue background. 3d render illustration, clipping path; Shutterstock ID 2301538583;

The use of vegan products in furniture production is a hotly debated topic in the furniture industry. It is not possible to transfer the product characteristics of everyday life 1:1 to products or product areas with a longer lifespan.

Mattress manufacturers, as part of the furniture industry, are already taking a different approach. Many manufacturers offer vegan mattresses made from natural latex, hemp, coconut, organic cold foam and futon. A few mattresses are available on the market with a wire spring core. One challenge in production to date has been the fact that although there is a strong trend towards the use of plant-based products in current wire drawing materials, they do not yet have a proven 100 per cent vegan basis.

The development was successfully implemented with experience and tribological expertise

Traxit Wire Lubrication realised the development and test phase in partnership with a well-known household spring manufacturer. The certification was carried out by the renowned certification body for vegan products – The Vegan Society – and fulfils the following requirements:

  1. no animal ingredients in the drawing materials

No animal product, by-product or derivative may be used or have been used in the development and/or production of the raising agents and, if applicable, their ingredients.

  • no animal testing

No tests on (non-human) animals may be carried out in the development and/or manufacture of the products and, if applicable, their ingredients.

  • cross-contamination

Any potential cross-contamination with animal-derived ingredients must be avoided as far as possible