The legendary Unimog Mercedes-Benz has been for decades an extremely flexible equipment for winter maintenance operations. Even Bucher Municipal specialists see it as the ideal vehicle for their snow-clearing equipments and their spreaders. Lately Bucher Municipal developed the new Yeti 1600 W Gmeiner especially for new compact Unimog U 216 and U 218, ideally suited for the higher payload of the new compact series.

Spreading technology with high performance

Bucher Municipal offers now its well-proven series Yeti for the new Unimog U 216 and U 218. This series was previously available in sizes from 1.8 m³ only for the larger Unimog models (from U 318 to U 530). For the previous model of the new compact series, Unimog U 20, Bucher Municipal exclusively supplied its smaller series spreaders called Gmeiner Husky and Gmeiner STA 2000 (for dry spreading material). Due to the increased payload of the new Unimog U 216 and U 218 it was now possible to adapt Yeti on these Unimog types.

The smallest representative of Gmeiner Yeti series bears “1600” too. Bucher Municipal keeps the same naming thus describing the maximum of dry spreading material volume of its new offspring. Gmeiner Yeti 1600 W has a hopper capacity of 1,600 liters of dry spreading material and a possible humidified salt volume of 645 liters. Gmeiner Yeti 1600 W has been tailored with a container long 2,130 mm and wide 1,870 mm, ideal for a ball point mounting on the new compact Unimog series – i.e. it fits them like a glove. The extensive equipments range and their possible accessories are based then exactly again on the remaining Yeti models. But next to the new Yeti Gmeiner 1600 W also the well-proven spreaders series Gmeiner Husky and Gmeiner STA 2000 for Unimog U 216 and U 218 are available.

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The new Gmeiner Yeti 1600W is mounted directly on Unimog ball-type fastening points. Also with two-chamber system everything remains the same: if desired, the new Yeti is of course again available as a dual chamber spreader. So salt and grit can be separately spread for special operations.

Sophisticated control box versions

As far as spreaders control boxes are concerned, customers can choose among two different versions. EasyCom is the standard equipment already having a speed-dependent regulation feature. All significant data can be precisely visualized on a display. Ecosat completes the control box range and shows how modern electronics can make winter service more effective and safer. On its antireflection 7-inch graphical display with sharp imaging quality, users can quickly and safely check all parameters displayed. Control knobs allow easy and ergonomic operation. With the precise grid circuit parameters can be quickly and safely adjusted. Using a USB stick or SD card can work data be easily and conveniently stored and processed. On request, it is possible to add to Ecosat the data acquisition system RouteInform and the automatic spreading system Route Replay.

The spreading data acquisition system RouteInform continuously records the spreading data and transmits them via GPRS at least once per minute to a server. Data can then be retrieved and evaluated at any time on the PC. In addition, the current position of the spreading vehicle is visible. The system RouteInform is optimally supplemented through the automatic spreading system RouteReplay. Spreading routes and the respective parameters are unique recorded in reference movements. During the use the spreading is completely automatic according to recorded spreading data – if you wish, also according to the pavement temperature measured by the thermal imaging camera. With RouteReplay the driver uses the recorded spreading route.

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Snow plows for all clearing operations

Particularly difficult clearing operations can be easily overcome by GmeinerVario V- ploughs of Arox type series. This 2-furrow V-ploughs are mounted on sturdy ladder-type frame design and each have two height-adjustable skids for optimal adjustment of the snow plough on the road surface. Varioequipments of this series allows snow plough positions in wedge or diagonal form for clearing operations and a Y-shape for pushing together snow. Arox V-snow ploughs have a section width from 2,400 mm up to 3,000 mm. For medium clearing tasks, universal snow plough Ramox series provides the right solution. GmeinerRamox models are more-furrow swing-arm snow ploughs with single sided hoisted ploughshare and sturdy ladder frame. All Ramox snow ploughs have an automatic and freely adjustable ploughshare retrieval. Thus they are reliable in the clearing position, also in hard snow removal action, but swerve solid obstacles in an elastic way. Ramox snow ploughs are available in widths from 2,600 mm to 3,600 mm.


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