Beginning on June 1, the world’s strongest waste bag will be made of 50 % recycled plastics while remaining equally strong. The Swedish manufacturer Paxxo sends a clear signal to the industry that it is possible to develop sustainable solutions even in the most extreme environments. Compared to a traditional waste bag, the Longopac system reduces CO2 emissions by 80 %. 

Paxxo manufactures the sustainable bagging system Longopac for efficient waste management in all industry segments. Longopac waste bags are the strongest in the world, building on technology developed in the 1980s, Longopac is now sold all over the world. Paxxo has developed a method to replace half of the raw material in the waste bags with recycled plastics while maintaining the same incredible strength.

“Paxxo is now able to manufacture the world’s strongest waste bag from 50% recycled material, and that is a clear signal to the whole industry. We show that sustainable use of plastic makes it possible to manufacture products with extreme performance and a good sustainability perspective. The difference between a traditional waste bag and Longopac is massive”, said Henrik Péters, CEO of Paxxo.

A study from Lund University, Sweden, shows that Longopac has lower emissions than waste bags made from bioplastics. The Longopac system minimizes material consumption by allowing the bags to be 100% full. Compared to a traditional waste bag, this reduces CO2 emissions by a staggering 80% and reduces the use of fossil fuels. In 2020, Paxxo’s products saved more than 3,500 tons of plastics and 21,000 tons of carbon dioxide by reduced material consumption and sustainable manufacturing. 

Paxxo’s waste bag systems are world-leading within dust extractors and wastewater treatment plants. The next step is to become the industry standard for waste management in food industry, offices and workplaces within healthcare, manufacturing, and hospitality. Longopac holds a food certificate and can be used for internal transportation or intermediate packaging and to be in contact with food. Longopac has in general become popular among professionals as they radically improve hygiene and the work environment. 

”We like to call Longopac the invisible people’s best friend. Those who work by taking care of other’s waste often have an anonymous, demanding, and thankless job. Improving their work-day is a strong motivator for us”, said Henrik Péters, CEO.