Zoomlion Enterprise Day at Milan Expo: Green Vision,Build for Sustainable Better Lives

On June 18 in Milan, Italy, the China Pavilion welcomed Zoomlion, a world-leading high-end equipment manufacturer from China, for Enterprise Day. The company’s theme for the event was “Green Vision, Build for Sustainable Better Lives,” which highlighted Zoomlion’s sense of responsibility and belief in building a beautiful and harmonious world. China Pavilion Director Mr. Zhang Liang, leader of the China International Trade Promotion Committee for Hunan province, and Zoomlion senior president Mr. Zhang Jianguo attended the opening ceremony.

Zoomlion Day consisted of an opening ceremony, live roadshow, and static display. Zhang Liang said during the opening ceremony, “The Chinese Pavilion is China’s first self-built pavilion at an overseas Expo, and I would particularly like to thank Zoomlion for its help in completing it. In the course of the five-month construction project, Zoomlion truck cranes worked 10 hours a day, and their stable, precise, and reliable performance displayed Zoomlion’s quality and China’s power to the world.” It is worth pointing out that the Zoomlion ZTC350, which was used in the construction of the Chinese pavilion, was the only crane from a Chinese brand to be used at the Milan World Expo site.

As a global partner of the Milan World Expo Chinese Pavilion, Zoomlion also took part in the roadshow, displaying its “three-in-one” concrete equipment to illustrate the continuous progress the company has made in its “green and intelligent” brand of technology. The Hoisting Machinery Branch Company’s video on its world-renowned construction projects showed the world how Zoomlion products integrate mechanical quality with technological strength, but also conveyed to the world the company’s enthusiasm and vitality.


Under the advanced concepts of “being innovation-driven and smart and advocating green development,” Zoomlion is actively “going global,” and its advanced products are spreading across the world. At the “Equip the World with Chinese Equipment” static display, Zoomlion’s history, future strategies, and achievements were clearly presented using hundreds of photographs.

At the two-day series of Zoomlion events at the Milan Expo, Zoomlion also unveiled its new VI (visual identity) to the world for the first time.

“The theme of ‘Green Vision, Build for Sustainable Better Lives,’ for Zoomlion Day shows Zoomlion to be an outstanding Chinese manufacturer committed to the environment and eco-manufacturing and that works for and contributes to the development of global equipment manufacturing. It also demonstrates Zoomlion’s positive attitude of believing that ‘Vision Creates Future’ and in ‘Build for Sustainable Better Lives,'” said Zoomlion senior president Zhang Jianguo.