PREO has been engaging into new projects and research for years now, this because they want to give customers the most functional and updated machines on the market. The company is constantly looking to develop their machine’s features and technology to make them faster, durable and more efficient. PREO’s research and development team is always on spot, listening to customer’s needs and looking to develop in the best way possible all their products, from spare parts to complete gluing systems.

Easy Engineering: What are the needs of the client?

The primary need of our customer has always been the adaptability of our systems. From the beginning of our hot-melt production we have always put our customer’s needs first. From 1996, year in which we developed our first hot-melt system to today, our main goal has always been modularity. In fact, our systems, from the hot-melt system developed in 2000 called “New Generation”, underlining the leap in the new century, to our most recent machine: the Easy Touch, are adaptable to every customer’s need. 

E.E: Why do clients choose your products / solutions?

We have always provided our customers with innovation and reliability amongst our products, this helped us conquer what we believe is a prestigious spot not only in the design and production of standard hot gluing systems, but also in designing and producing systems that could fit each customer’s needs. Our products are on the top of the market and we believe our Made in Italy solution provides reliability and durability, which customers always look for.

E.E: What products / solutions do you use?

When implementing a new project, we always hear out our customers; we feel feedbacks are very important in our field. Customers are our eyes and our years, we cannot develop fine products without them, so we always tend to hear them out and adapt our products to all of their current needs, always keeping an eye out to the market needs. Once we have listened to our customer’s feedback, we start working on the project we want to develop, with our trained staff of technicians and with our research and development team. 

E.E: Please describe how you implement your projects.

As we have stated, our primary concern is our customer, to implement our projects we need a feedback, we usually start establishing a plan that meets the expectations of the entire management and also of our clients. Before implementing the project, we make sure everyone on the team understands the project deliverables. While we are implementing the project, we analyze its initial outcome to establish how it’s progressing against the initial expectations.

E.E: Do you use any products with special characteristics?

This strongly depends on the project we are carrying out, we could change the base product on some items to adapt them to a certain application, this would require special characteristics for special applications, according to the glue, the temperature, the items that need to be glued. Some spare parts might require more durability for certain applications, in this case we would go and change some raw materials used in production. 

E.E: How do your products / solutions improve productivity and efficiency for your clients?

Our products and solutions are designed to enhance productivity for clients throughout several key features.

First of all, a quick Setup and application, easy to use and intuitive software machinery; our hot-melt systems require minimal training for technicians leading to quicker adoption and smoother production processes.

Our products also require low maintenance, and this helps reduce downtime and ensures continuous operation of the system.

We have a lot of various solutions also for very high precision gluing applications.

E.E: How important are your projects for clients?

Since everything revolves around our customer’s satisfaction, we would say all projects that enhance productivity, durability and reliability of the product are considered important by all of our customers.

E.E: What are your forecasts for the second half of 2024?

We have big news for the second half of the current year, we will be participating in Fachpack 2024, in stand 215 hall 2, and we will present a new and important project we have been working on in the past months, which we currently can’t anticipate anything on, but you can come and visit us at our booth and have a look yourself at what we have in store for the future!