Streamline IT inventory management with the powerful API integration of Timly and Lansweeper, leading providers in asset discovery and tracking.

Timly and Lansweeper: The Power Duo in IT Asset Management

Timly, a leading provider of digital asset tracking solutions, has partnered with Lansweeper, a leader in IT asset discovery. This partnership sets a new benchmark in IT asset management by effortlessly blending Lansweeper’s extensive asset discovery capabilities with Timly’s comprehensive 360° business asset management solution. With the Timly-Lansweeper interface, companies of all sectors and sizes stand to benefit from streamlined IT inventory management, centralised control, and real-time data synchronisation, ensuring increased efficiency and accuracy in asset tracking and inventory management.

Future-ready tech asset management: Beyond traditional workspace

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, where businesses are compelled to manage a diverse range of technology, effective asset tracking has become indispensable. From physical hardware to intangible assets such as software licences and digital services, tracking IT inventory, licence management, maintenance schedules, and other key details presents a significant challenge. Additionally, the need to locate each tech item, assess its condition, and manage its lifecycle adds to the complexity. This is particularly pertinent as IT asset management is not just about cataloguing what IT equipment you possess—it’s about maximising asset ROI and preventing avoidable expenses.

The world of IT asset management software solutions

It should come as no surprise that there is a myriad of IT asset management software solutions available to manage IT assets. These solutions typically offer features such as centralised inventory management, barcode or RFID scanning for asset recording, and maintenance scheduling to keep on top of equipment servicing. Additionally, they provide timely alerts and notifications to ensure crucial tasks are not overlooked, comprehensive file storage for relevant documentation, and the flexibility of on-the-go access for managing assets from any location. Collectively, these features contribute significantly to streamlining IT asset management processes and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Timly’s all-in-one asset tracking solution

Timly, a leading provider of cloud-based asset tracking solutions, offers a highly customisable and flexible inventory management solution used by businesses of all sizes and sectors to track a wide variety of physical and digital assets. This includes everything from IT equipment and office furniture to software licences, staff qualifications, and much more. With Timly fT assets can be tracked alongside other business assets, including digital assets and employee profiles. This places vital asset information at users’ fingertips, offering an intelligent, user-friendly solution for monitoring the whereabouts, condition, and maintenance needs of assets, whether they are IT equipment or otherwise.

Central to Timly’s asset tracking solution is QR code technology. This involves simply attaching small barcode labels to assets, enabling rapid asset check-ins and check-outs using the integrated camera on a phone, tablet, or computer. This quick action opens the Timly app, allowing for the easy addition of new items to the system or the updating of existing asset records. Timly’s QR code tracking system is designed to make capturing and accessing asset information as straightforward as taking a photograph, making asset management more efficient than ever.

Timly offers a user-friendly, customisable cloud-based 360° asset tracking solution.

What sets the Timly asset tracking tool apart 

Timly is popular for its standout blend of customisable, user-friendly features that work seamlessly across an entire organisation, fostering cross-departmental efficiency and resource optimisation. Whether it’s the IT department managing equipment, HR tracking staff qualifications, or the operations team monitoring inventory, Timly’s adaptability benefits all. With unlimited users, detailed user permissions, secure EU servers, and cross-device asset tracking, Timly offers a comprehensive and flexible digital solution for efficient business asset management.

Timly prides itself on exceptional customer service and its ability to quickly respond to meet the evolving customer needs. The implementation of the Timly asset tracking tool is straightforward, requiring no additional hardware or software. A thorough onboarding with our team is guaranteed. Timly also integrates seamlessly with existing systems through its API. For example, Timly’s recent partnership with Lansweeper, a leader in IT Asset Management, enables the seamless integration of IT network and device management with broader asset tracking capabilities.

Lansweeper: Redefining IT asset discovery

Lansweeper is a powerful platform that acts as the absolute single source of truth for customers, using the scenario-independent asset inventory Lansweeper discovered. So, no matter what IT scenario, the data is there, accurate, and ready to use whenever the customer needs it. 

Lansweeper stands out with several key benefits:

  1. Increasing visibility: Businesses can eliminate blind spots and uncover previously unknown hardware and software assets.
  2. Improving efficiency: IT teams can streamline processes by auto-populating Configuration Management Databases (CMDBs), enhancing service desk tickets, and effectively managing asset lifecycles, allowing them to focus on core tasks.
  3. Managing risk: Companies can proactively detect rogue devices, vulnerabilities, and compliance issues before they escalate.
  4. Reducing costs: Unnecessary expenses are exposed, enabling informed budgeting decisions and cost-effective IT management through accurate data.

By embracing Lansweeper, businesses gain a comprehensive solution that transforms IT asset management into a proactive and efficient endeavour.

Lansweeper detects critical vulnerabilities and helps monitor assets throughout their lifecycle.

The integration of Timly and Lansweeper: A unified inventory management solution

The integration of Timly with Lansweeper heralds a unified and enhanced approach to inventory management. This collaboration enables businesses to seamlessly integrate information about their IT assets from Lansweeper into Timly, ensuring centralised and efficient management. Key features of this integration include centralised IT asset management, real-time performance updates, advanced licence management, vulnerability identification, and comprehensive reporting and analytics. 

This integration ensures that data remains current across both platforms, significantly saving time and enhancing accuracy in asset management processes. It represents a paradigm shift in IT asset management, addressing the dynamic nature of IT assets, characterised by frequent software updates and evolving network components, which render manual tracking inefficient. Lansweeper’s capabilities in identifying active network devices and their software are complemented by Timly’s intuitive inventory management system. This synergistic partnership allows for real-time data synchronisation, ensuring that Timly’s inventory management is consistently updated with Lansweeper’s detailed network information. This interlinking of tools creates a comprehensive system for IT asset tracking, offering unparalleled reliability in an ever-changing technological landscape.


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