Building large-scale projects in the desert is a complex endeavour facing many logistical challenges that demand innovative solutions: the MB Crusher attachments.

When Egypt’s government unveiled its Vision 2030 at the centre of this comprehensive plan towards prosperity and sustainable growth it was the marvel of the New Administrative Capital. Being built in the desert outskirts of Cairo this bold and innovative colossal project makes the desert the new frontier in Egypt.

Its construction began in 2015 and this compelling development covers 700 square kilometres of desert 45 kilometres east of Cairo. It will have so many captivating features and mega-projects like the Army octagon, stunning residential, business and administrative districts, a sprawling urban park reminiscent of the Nile, the tallest skyscraper in Africa, an airport, a super mall and much more.

A Cost-Efficient Vision MB Crusher Attachments: A Game-Changing Strategy

In the heart of Egypt’s monumental construction project for its new capital city lies a story of innovation and resourcefulness. Amidst rising prices and escalating transportation costs, the project’s client chose an unconventional yet ground-breaking approach: leveraging MB Crusher attachments to repurpose existing rocks and waste from a nearby project into high-quality aggregate, saving a staggering sum and avoiding logistical difficulties.  

But it is not the first time that MB Crusher attachments have played a key role in building amenities in the unforgiving Egyptian desert. The integration of MB Crusher attachment in a large-scale project showcases the potential of innovative technology to revolutionize traditional practices. The cost-efficiency achieved through these attachments translates into economic savings, contributing to the overall viability of any project.  

A Visionary Project Unfolds

Egypt is building the New Capital to create many opportunities for housing and employment, the goal is also to eliminate the crowdedness that is one of the biggest problems now in Cairo. This ambitious project, poised to redefine urban landscapes as building a brand new metropolis in the heart of the desert will also mean the need for new transportation and also water. 

The integration of MB Crusher attachments highlights Egypt’s determination to overcome challenges while maximizing resources, reducing costs, and fostering sustainability in large-scale projects. Choosing the MB Crusher excavators attachment showcases how a pioneering frontier society has revolutionized traditional construction practice transforming a daunting task into a large-scale project to be executed with unprecedented efficiency and sustainability.

Savings Unveiled

As the construction of Egypt’s New Administrative Capital city gathered momentum their client equipped his Dossan DX340 with an MB Crusher BF120.4 jaw crusher bucket and embarked on a transformative endeavour saving 67,000 Egyptian pounds saved each day. 

The decision to recycle materials with the BF120.4 yielded astounding results. All that is needed to run the MB Crusher bucket is one excavator and one operator, and by producing their aggregate rather than purchasing it from suppliers, the client slashed costs saving 120 Egyptian pounds on every m3. Producing 280m3 per 8-hour shift and operating with two shifts per day this amounted to a remarkable 560 m3 of aggregate produced

Streamline operation and Cost-Efficiency

Water will be needed. This is why the New Delta Project is a huge achievement for Egypt as it will be the largest water treatment plant in the world, with a capacity of 7.5 million m3/day of water. In the realm of modern development, this project of unprecedented scale has an extensive 500-kilometer road network. The realization of such a colossal undertaking hinged on more than mere ambition; it demanded adherence to strict schedules, and the formidable challenge of meeting project timelines without compromising quality or incurring exorbitant costs was assigned to the MB Crusher BF135.8 bucket. 

The BF135.8, with its remarkable load capacity of 1.6 cubic meters, proved to be the perfect tool for the job, surpassing the capabilities of larger fixed crushers and significantly boosting productivity and slashing cost by nearly 40%. 

Streamlining of operations, by using the BF135.8 mounted on the Doosan 480LC is the reason behind the savings in this large project, MB Crusher attachment allowed the reduction in labour requirements, from over a dozen individuals and several machineries to just one excavator and operator. And eliminated the need for transporting materials to a fixed site, further optimizing time and resources. Plus the utilization of natural resources already at the site minimized waste. 

Enhancing connectivity 

2000 kilometres of high-speed rail will connect 60 stations throughout the country, including the New Capital City and enable around 500 million journeys a year. As one of the most ambitious infrastructural projects in recent times, this high-speed rail network is poised to redefine connectivity and bolster economic growth. However, building through the desert has many logistic implications, there are no roads, public services, or plants and a good part of the job is in a mountain area. As the High-speed rail represents a sustainable mode of transportation, significantly reducing carbon emissions compared to conventional modes of travel like cars or aeroplanes, it made sense that its construction contributes to the country’s environmental goals. An MB Crusher BF80.3 mounted on a Dossan 300 aligns seamlessly with the project’s commitment to sustainability. By recycling materials on-site, the construction minimized environmental impact by reducing transportation needs, raw material purchasing and the time and effort of loading the material on the truck it reduces the need and the cost of the toll road, transportation fuel and a lot of other things. Beyond the financial savings, this approach upheld principles of sustainability. By reusing existing materials, the project reduced its environmental footprint by minimizing transportation needs and landfill waste. The adoption of MB Crusher attachments not only saved costs but also aligned with eco-conscious construction practices.

The story of Egypt’s new infrastructures, empowered by MB Crusher attachments resourcefulness, stands as a testament to human innovation and it is a symbol of a progressive, forward-looking future.

This visionary approach not only solved the immediate challenges of cost and logistics but also propelled Egypt into a new era. It showcases how thinking outside the conventional norms and leveraging innovative solutions can pave the way for a more efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable future in construction.