Chicago Pneumatic announces the CP7748TL Torque Limited 1/2″ Impact Wrench

Chicago Pneumatic is very excited to announce the newest product for the tire industry, the CP7748TL Torque Limited 1/2″ impact wrench. The popular CP7748 Series has been very successful for the general mechanic in need of a high torque impact . The newest addition to the range, the Torque Limited CP7748TL series is intended to be used as a “snugging” tool prior to final tightening with a calibrated torque wrench.

The robust CP7748TL ½” composite Torque Limited impact wrench is ideal for passenger vehicles, light truck, and SUV tire changing applications, and is available in short or long anvil version (CP7748TL-2). The torque limited function enables efficient torque level control for each tire-change job, and enables the user to quickly and easily snug bolts without over tightening and damaging studs. The operator must then use a torque wrench to torque bolts to the manufacturer’s specified torque rating for wheel assembly.

The CP7748TL Series is designed to provide a limited amount of torque in the forward position (approximately 60 ft-lbs. [90 Nm] in one second of operation) and boasts 925 ft-lbs. (1250 Nm) of maximum torque in reverse for removing weathered and stubborn lug nuts. The forward/reverse switch is smooth and easy to use with only one setting position in both directions. The tool also features a contoured grip handle with a thermoplastic rubber (TPR) grip to provide better comfort to the operator.CP7748TL