“A custom system always raises many questions. Flexible and modular products are essential for this, as is a reliable partner. Pneutronic AG is happy to rely on Montech AG since Montech’s quality, solution-oriented action, and professional and easy way of working are absolutely dependable.” – Remo Kissling, CEO Pneutronic AG

Pneutronic AG has been analyzing processes and creating systems for more than 30 years. This Swiss company’s solutions include automation and robotics, software engineering and control technology, and controllers for fine cutting presses. To create these systems, Pneutronic AG likes to work with Montech AG. Montech specializes in the industrialization and standardization of state-of-the-art, unusual belt conveyors, transfer systems, and innovative aluminum framing systems. Its standardized TB30 and TB40 belt conveyors are tailor-made for Pneutronic AG’s solutions – even for its custom systems. 

Custom-tailored robot system

An example is the jointly-created robot system for loading workpieces for the hardening shop. It is based on Montech AG’s standardized belt conveyors and aluminum framing system. The modular construction of Montech’s products ensures short lead times and attention to the individual requests of Pneutronic AG. These include, for example, notches on the belt conveyors and wider side guides; these are necessary because the custom system must convey different kinds of punched parts – loose ones as well as very thin ones. In addition, the base can be adjusted after the fact if required. This is especially important with a custom system, for certain things are only revealed during assembly. 

Deflectors, inclined belt conveyors, separation 

This custom system is in operation 24 hours a day and conveys the material for further processing in various ways. Among other things, the punched parts are fed in starting with bulk materials; deflectors control the material flow; inclined belt conveyors lead to separation stations; a 3D view records the workpieces; and SCARA robots on hardening rods separate the punched parts. This custom system also evenly distributes the punched parts and includes a rod change and a level change for the hardening furnace rack. 

One partner, many advantages

With the pre-assembled, tested custom system delivered according to its request, Pneutronic AG has a complete solution from a single source, and it is sure of one thing: It can rely on Montech AG and its high-quality products with a compact, aesthetic design thanks to the motors integrated into the driver rollers, its personal support, and assistance from selection to design to delivery of the products – whether for custom systems or standardized solutions.

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