Expandable mandrel is principally PE foam extrusion device developed to considerably reduce mandrel’s change time and production costs. During polyethylene sheet foam production, changing sheet width, without stopping the extruder and without breaking the foam, brings huge time & raw material savings.

The mandrel’s diameter/circumference change is done instantly by a simple manual regulation of expansion, no electric mechanism inside.

The expandable mandrels of different ranges are air-cooled and suitable for production of thin, medium thickness and low density PE foams.

The expandable mandrel range depends on diameter and may reach an expansion range from 245mm to 395mm. The key advantage of this invention is to  produce standard foam widths during foam extruision process (e.g. from 1000mm to 1200mm, or from 1100mm to 1300 mm) with one single mandrel, without stopping the line.

The expandable mandrel may reduce considerably the quantity of the scrap during thin foam production. Some clients have reported an average of 5-7% scrap reduction, depending on number of changes. 

Expandable mandrel in combination with in-line slitting on a 3000mm winder brings even more benefits.  

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