Highest efficiency and quality in paper sorting can be realized thanks to a new sorting technology and the MAX-POS process optimizing system. The Corona pandemic has not only sustainably changed our economy but also influenced our consumption and inspired new trends. The change in purchasing behavior is also reflected in our waste, such as e.g. waste paper. There is less graphic paper but more packaging paper. Finding an answer to this is the basis for economical sorting in the long term. Entsorgungstechnik BAVARIA GmbH has taken on this task.

In order to achieve the highest possible degree of automation and optimum plant efficiency, the sorting plant can be equipped with the MAX POS control concept from Entsorgungstechnik Bavaria GmbH for process optimization. The control technology continuously accesses the material data (composition) online, e.g., from the near-infrared machines and other sensors.

In addition, material data, such as the degree of moisture, material flow or impurities are analyzed directly in the input area and evaluated online. The material flow is thus automatically and continuously monitored and controlled in real-time.

The plant thus achieves a consistently high output quality – even with variations of the input material.

Using an especially developed intermediate bunker makes it possible to compensate the usual variations of the input material (i.e., the amount of cardboard). The downstream sorting units can therefore operate at any time with the highest efficiency.

By using the intermediate bunker and thanks to process optimization, the efficiency of the sorting plant can be increased significantly by more than 10 %.

Besides the size of the plant, the increase in efficiency is largely dependent on the degree of automation achieved. Through investments in sorting technology and/or sensor technology, throughput can be increased and thus economic efficiency. Operators should place particular emphasis on this in the coming years.

In addition to automation and process optimization, the basis for an efficient sorting system is, of course, a mature and perfectly coordinated sorting technology.

The waste-paper installation at ROWE, built up by Entsorgungstechnik BAVARIA, is equipped with the proven BHSt OCC- and Fine Screens for the automatic sorting of cardboard and small impurities. Due to their compact build size and high performances these screening machines are also suitable for tight installation conditions.  Thanks to high running times and reliability, these screening units with their triangle rubber screen discs are highly efficient resulting in low wear costs even in multiple-shift operation. Sorting quality can be adapted individually by simply adjusting the speed.  

If one PaperSpike is used per line, medium-sized cardboard boxes can be sorted out reliably from the waste paper fraction. The advantage of this mechanical separation stage is that light, white and printed cardboard and packaging can also be reliably detected due to their rigidity.

A high final quality is additionally ensured by optical sorters from Redwave. Thanks to the setting option of various sorting programs, as for example a special program for wet material, as well as the “learning capability” of the software, these sorting machines are a must for modern sorting plants.

A further optical sorter from Redwave creates high efficiency by re-sorting the discharged fractions of impurities. This machine has kind of a guardian function, as it makes sure that deinking, which has been sorted out from the optical sorters, is led back to the paper lifecycle by positive re-sorting.

The deinking quota can thereby be increased by several percent.

We place our focus on innovative solutions with added values and are working on research projects together with technical institutes for future solutions for our customers advancement. The advantages are not only fully automatic quality control of the material flow, mass flow monitoring and online quality assurance as well as monitoring directly during the process but also malfunction and warning alarms when limit values are undercut or exceeded, increased effectiveness of the plant by using targeted data analysis and last but not least archiving of analysed data and long-term supervision for sustainable planning and maintenance.

Recently, BAVARIA has also started offering working with the help of data glasses. These Augmented Reality Glasses (AR glasses) enable remote support solutions. The customer can contact technicians and engineers worldwide at any time.  The glasses are used as a remote maintenance tool and as digital assistance in the area of assembly work, maintenance and also quality assurance.  It shortens the response time and can be used anywhere. Another advantage is that the hands remain free to work.

This is where the seamless support for customers will lie in the future, not only at times of Corona.

Paper sorting at the highest level at ROWE GmbH, Nuremberg, built up by Entsorgungstechnik BAVARIA GmbH


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