Protega provides with viable, cost effective alternatives to non-sustainable packaging. Their sustainable packaging range is complemented by Protega’s design and manufacture of integrated packing systems. This includes bespoke workstations and conveyor systems, which will help customers streamline their operation as well as make their packaging more sustainable.

Easy Engineering: What are the main areas of activity of the company?

PROTEGA: We are a fully accredited company with over 40 years combined experience working with clients from a multitude of industries. Throughout this time, we have developed a reputation as packaging experts, and have worked closely with hundreds of companies all over the UK.

We are continuously innovating along with our customers to find smarter and faster ways to pack, and create eco-friendly packaging that will excite your customers and bring them back to you again and again.

We manufacture all our products within the UK and ensure our supply for parts are local companies to keep our own carbon footprint to a minimum. 

E.E: What’s the news about new products?

PROTEGA: Protega Global have been working to bring brand new innovations to the packaging industry, we have recently launched a range of new products such as our Hexcel Integrated Packing Bench – a simple solution to speeding up the packing process and saving space. Housed under the bench, the Hexcel paper is simply passed through a pair of rollers and dispensed onto the bench at the optimal position for the packers.

We have also launched our foldable packing bench, a solution for those that are tight on space in the warehouse but need extra space during peak times. The foldable packing bench is a simple 3 stage set up and can be stored away during quieter periods. 

We are always working closely with our product development team and customers to bring new sustainable solutions that help speed up the packing process, reduce breakages and save on space in the warehouse – at the same time offering our industry leading paper products such as the Protega 125 Paper Void-Fill Machine. Protega aim to provide a fully integrated end-to-end packaging solution which can ultimately improve your warehouse efficiency. 

E.E: What are the ranges of products?


Protega Paper Void-Fill Machine

The ‘Protega Protect’ is a unique desktop paper void fill machine producing high volume ‘on demand’ protective paper packaging The footprint of the slimline Protega machine is not much larger than an office printer, and fits easily into even the smallest despatch area. Alternatively, it can be placed on a height adjustable stand and integrated into a packing line.

Our Protega Paper void fill solution is both robust and easily mouldable. Because of the way the Protega paper is creased and crimped it secures and cushions your products, absorbing shock and eliminating movement in transit. 100% recyclable, biodegradable, compostable and made from 100% recycled paper Protega Paper is also FSC® certified.

One unique feature is that the paper rolls are pre-folded. This means that they are easier to handle than traditional wide paper rolls, this has enabled the machine to be manufactured to a very small footprint of only 635mm x 360mm and at a weight of only 50kg

Integration, Design, Manufacture & Install

Many retailers are citing that speed of packing is their main constraint at peak times. Integration helps you to remove the waste of your scarcest resource – time.

Our Protega team have over 25 years experience helping companies across multiple industries, to speed up work flow and design integrated solutions. This can improve operator working comfort as well as increase productivity.

From the beginning we work with you to make sure we have an in-depth understanding of your pick, packing and despatch requirements. Following the information gathering phase we offer proven ways of streamlining your processes. Which includes maximising the storage and positioning of supplies and equipment. In many cases we have been able to virtually double the output of a packing area by reducing operator movement whilst enhancing working environment.

You can book a live demonstration on our website here:

Hexcel Wrap

Hexcel Wrap really needs to be seen to be believed! It is supplied as a flat sheet and then becomes three dimensional simply by stretching it. 

It can be effortlessly wrapped around products and the layers build up to offer protection as good as plastic bubble! Hexcel is dispensed from a small manual tensioning device which can be deployed anywhere, without the requirement for electricity. Hexcel wrap is easy stretch and easy tear. 

Once stretched around the product you simply tear the paper, and the paper interlocks on itself. No need for adhesive tape! Not only does this reduces plastic use but also reduces pack times by up to 50%. With no adhesive tape to remove it also makes it easier for your customers to unwrap the products too! 

The use of Hexcel is spreading rapidly as more companies seek a sustainable alternative to bubble. Hexcel is 100% recyclable and biodegradable, and owing to its compact size has a negligible carbon footprint compared to bubble wrap. 425m length when stretched.

Hexcel Integrated Packing Bench 

The use of Hexcel Wrap – a paper alternative to bubble wrap – has been made even easier with the development of an integrated dispenser. Housed under the bench, the Hexcel paper is simply passed through a pair of rollers and dispensed onto the bench at the optimal position for the packers.  

This design maximises the usable area of the bench, and dramatically increases efficiency.  To reload a section of the bench lifts up and allows rolls to be placed easily and ergonomically.

You can watch a video of the product being set up and in use here:

Foldable Packing Bench

The integrated Hexcel bench will speed up pack times, but what if more capacity is required at peak? Introducing our UK manufactured folding benches which can be quickly deployed in peak but easily folded up and stowed away when not required. You can order yours here:

HexaFil – Void-Fill in a box

Introducing our portable void-fill, Fil-in-a-box™. A variation of Hexcel wrap which is a quick void-fill solution that can be deployed without the need of power. Designed specifically for fast-paced operations and speed of packing, ensuring no delays in despatching your products to customers. 

Accompanied by a stand made from 100% recycled material and positions the Fil-in-a-Box perfectly for ease-of-use by packers, whilst taking up minimal space. Get in touch to find out more or purchase them directly from our Protega Shop

E.E: At what stage is the market where you are currently active?

PROTEGA: In the last few years demand for E-commerce packaging has grown at an unprecedented rate, and so too has consumer expectations of the type of packaging they receive. They ask, is it easy to open? Easy to dispose of?  Proportion to the contents? And crucially, is it sustainable?  The question is, will the market keep up with the pace of demand for more and better packaging?  And will retailers embrace new innovation in packaging to meet customers expectations on speed of delivery and sustainability?  Recent studies show that companies who fail to meet minimum standards on what consumers expect of their packaging may begin to find themselves with fewer returning customers.  Consumers are now making buying choices based on whether they consider the packaging they receive is sustainable. Companies who recognise this is 2022 will put themselves ahead of the pack.

E.E: What can you tell us about market trends?

PROTEGA: Market Trends for now & beyond

Continued growth in UK shoppers demand for sustainable packaging

This brings us on to the changes in the packaging industry for 2022, what we can certainly expect to see is the buyers demand for sustainable packaging continue to increase at a substantial level and for it to be at the forefront of the buyer’s mind when making purchase decisions. 

Increase in Breakages in transit & Returns

With an increasing number of sustainable packaging solutions available, we can also expect to see a higher number of breakages in transit and returns. We urge all businesses to select carefully when switching to paper packaging, ensuring the product has been trailed and tested and specific packing techniques are used to reduce the amount required packaging to keep your product secure.

Over-packing when using paper products

We often see businesses over-packing to compensate for not using plastic airbags or bubblewrap, but this could result in little or no change in your sustainability status and end up costing you a fortune. 

Surge in online shopping to continue 

UK Shoppers have taken to the internet by storm during lockdown and over 90% will continue to shop online post lockdown. What does this mean for the packaging industry? Well, we are certainly going to be much busier and responsible for the environmental impact!

Many of us only have to look as far as ourselves, or maybe friends and family to see how radically our shopping habits have changed. According to DS Smith’s reporting the huge increase in online shopping is here to stay, consumers have spent that last 4 months with no choice other than to use the internet for essentials, entertainment and even gardening equipment. People that wouldn’t usually trust online shopping or preferred to “try before you buy” are now happy to purchase online and will continue to do so post-lockdown.

Retailers in the UK have been preparing for yet another record-breaking peak season, especially since the petrol shortage, driver shortage and effects on Christmas shopping that the media have announced – buyers are now getting in early to secure gifts and this could mean an even busier peak season than anticipated. 

E.E: What are the most innovative products marketed?

PROTEGA: Improving logistics speed, space and breakages in the warehouse ready for peak season and enhance warehouse efficiency is definitely a top priority, along with guaranteeing consumers are more sustainable product. UK Retailers are wondering if their operations team have enough resources to cope with another challenging peak. Packaging is one of the most space intensive requirements and this, along with staff shortages, social distancing and fewer HGV drivers on the road, are a direct threat to productivity.  

Then there’s the seismic shift to online orders because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Along with space constraints at peak periods likely resulting in slower packing times and delays in despatching. All of this combined could result in unhappy customers and really damage growing businesses.

Protega Global have a wide range of integrated packing solutions. Ranging from foldable packing benches that instantly create space to Hexcel Integrated Benches with industry leading Hexcel Wrap housed under the bench. Our most innovative products marketed are our Foldable Packing Bench & The Hexcel Bench, simple solutions that can save in multiple areas of a warehouse.

The Foldable Packing Bench

The first in the packaging industry, specifically designed to be easily assembled and dissembled. A perfect solution for peak times throughout the year, with the ability to pop-up when required and store away, taking up minimal space. 

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The Hexcel Bench

The Hexcel Integrated Bench is also the first of its kind within the packaging industry. An innovative space saving and sustainable packing solution which is at the fingertips of operators. Designed to fit your needs, the Hexcel Bench is fully customisable, with the industry leading Hexcel Wrap housed under the bench. 

Book a demonstration, virtual or in-person – our packaging experts can demonstrate the simplicity of loading the hexcel wrap and show you the speed, space and security that comes with the bench.

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